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farm land
A compromise over a major development in southwest Phoenix could impact future projects in the city.
May. 20, 2024
A judge is scheduled to hear arguments Monday over whether Gov. Katie Hobbs was allowed to essentially go around the state Senate to appoint leaders of state agencies. With The Show is Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services.
May. 20, 2024
DeAnna Miraeu stands in front of her home with a bougainvillea bush behind her. She is wearing a t-shirt, capri-length leggings and smiling at the camera.
Summers in the Valley are only expected to get hotter. Next to the unhoused population, people who live in mobile or manufactured homes are some of the most vulnerable to the heat.
May. 17, 2024
Woman and two men stand together
To talk about a border security ballot measure stalling — for now — in the Legislature, another ballot measure on elections moving forward and more, The Show sat down with Lorna Romero Ferguson with Elevate Strategies and former state lawmaker Aaron Lieberman.
May. 17, 2024
Queen Creek housing development
It’s been almost one year since Arizona’s governor announced new limits on some types of construction in the Phoenix area in response to projected groundwater shortages. But the announcement didn’t stop growth. And officials now think they have a water policy solution for communities most impacted.
Every last drop: Tackling big questions about Arizona's water future
May. 16, 2024
housing construction
Older neighborhoods of single-family homes near the downtowns of large Arizona cities could see major makeovers into more dense developments of duplexes, triplexes and even fourplexes and townhomes under a zoning reform measure headed to Gov. Katie Hobbs’ desk.
May. 16, 2024
An apartment complex under construction in north Phoenix
Reid Butler, the owner of Butler Housing Company and past chair of the Arizona Multihousing Association, joined The Show to talk about an adaptive reuse law that could help put a dent in the state’s housing crisis
May. 14, 2024
trash, including a large number of used syringes, spilled onto a sidewalk
Phoenix has launched its first public dashboard detailing substance use and overdoses data. Men made up 71% of the 4,554 suspected opioid overdoses reported by Phoenix Fire in 2023. The busiest month for emergency responders was July when the fire department responded to 536 suspected overdoses.
May. 9, 2024
A group of bills meant to increase the state’s affordable housing supply advanced at the Legislature on Wednesday and was amended to incorporate some elements of a vetoed bill.
May. 8, 2024
Beige sign with boat image and text: Welcome to Page, Arizona
In northern Arizona, the city of Page has experienced a rise in homelessness since 2020. Non-profit groups and the state recently converted a motel into permanent housing to help.
May. 8, 2024
David Ortega
While it’s intended to improve the state’s housing supply, some city leaders, including Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega, see this bill as a problematic invitation for more short-term rentals.
May. 7, 2024
Welcome to Scottsdale marker sign
The Scottsdale City Council unanimously voted to adopt three proposed ordinances to help regulate short-term rentals. The new code takes aim at nuisance parties, defines unlawful promotion and bans minors from renting.
May. 7, 2024
Welcome to Scottsdale marker sign
Potential updates might be made to a Scottsdale ordinance related to regulating disruptive and noisy short-term rentals. The city council will meet Monday to consider amending city code to tackle the issues.
May. 4, 2024
apartment complex under construction
The Phoenix City Council has approved the use of more than $9 million in federal grant funding to create more affordable housing options. It will go toward six different properties across the city to create or preserve 432 units of affordable housing in the area.
May. 2, 2024
housing construction
Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bipartisan bill designed to address the state’s housing shortage in March, saying it went a "step too far." Axios Phoenix reporter Jeremy Duda reports that, ever since, she’s been brokering negotiations aimed at getting something else passed on the housing front.
May. 1, 2024
Boarded up brick building
On Wednesday, the City Council is expected to vote on providing a $200,000 grant to the current property owner. If approved, the money will go toward rehabilitating what is historically called Yaun Ah Gim Groceries.
Apr. 30, 2024
Aerial shot of suburban homes under construction in Marana, Arizona.
The proposed deal will require cities who have long opposed the Legislature’s efforts to preempt their authority over zoning rules to allow the smaller, cheaper homes on lots within a mile of the central business districts of larger cities.
Apr. 29, 2024
tucson's skyline from the Tucson Mountain Park
The city of Tucson is seeking public input on how it can better serve its most vulnerable residents.
Apr. 26, 2024
Supreme Court
Can you punish someone for sleeping on the street? That’s one of the questions at the heart of an Oregon case that’s been playing out before the U.S. Supreme Court this week.
Apr. 23, 2024
A herd of free-range sheep are crossing a 'Light Up Navajo' construction site at Cornfields in April 2024.
More than 250 volunteers from 41 utilities across 16 states are expected to travel between now and July to the largest reservation in the U.S. to donate their time and talents during the fourth annual Light Up Navajo mutual aid project.
More tribal natural resoures stories
Apr. 19, 2024


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