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camelback monsoon
Arizona State University climatologist Randy Cerveny said we can expect another dry monsoon season for Arizona, but rain is still possible if “it gets really hot in Texas and New Mexico.” That could force moisture into the state from the Gulf of California.
May. 19, 2024
DeAnna Miraeu stands in front of her home with a bougainvillea bush behind her. She is wearing a t-shirt, capri-length leggings and smiling at the camera.
Summers in the Valley are only expected to get hotter. Next to the unhoused population, people who live in mobile or manufactured homes are some of the most vulnerable to the heat.
May. 17, 2024
A sign pointing to the emergency department at an Arizona hospital
We know the summer heat is deadly. Last year, 645 people died due to heat-related deaths in Maricopa County. One researcher says that number is likely just the tip.
May. 17, 2024
Sun framed by a yellow umbrella and a palm tree
Austin Jameson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix, says temperatures should reach triple digits on Saturday, but it won’t last long.
May. 17, 2024
Extreme heat orange sun sunset
It might still officially be spring, but it’s certainly starting to feel like summer here in the Valley. Jessica Berg is the chief program officer at St. Vincent de Paul. The Show spoke with her more about her organization’s role in preventing heat deaths — and how much harder it’s gotten.
May. 16, 2024
Pedicure and foot massage bath
Heat is deadly for older adults experiencing homelessness, which means figuring out ways to cool off this population quickly and safely. Here's what the state’s largest mass shelter is doing to get ready.
May. 13, 2024
On Thursday, the Tempe city council approved a three-year contract to partner with the Arizona Faith Network to provide heat relief services.
May. 11, 2024
Many cities across the Valley are seeing an increasing number of older individuals becoming homeless. And with summer heat on the way, it’s important to find ways to keep this population safe.
May. 10, 2024
The Haven homeless shelter for older adults rendering
With summer fast approaching, older adults experiencing homelessness will need some kind of housing or temporary shelter. A location in Phoenix is finally opening its doors after a long delay.
May. 9, 2024
Mandy Cohen, CDC Director
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking to Arizona for lessons on how to mitigate the health impacts of extreme heat. CDC director, Dr. Mandy Cohen visited Phoenix on Wednesday.
May. 8, 2024
Woman's hands on steering wheel
To recognize Arizona Heat Awareness Week, the state Department of Transportation is emphasizing the importance of making sure your vehicle is summer-ready.
May. 6, 2024
wind advisory sign
The National Weather Service sees temperatures starting off slightly below normal with Monday being in the mid to upper 80s. Forecasts show the other days of the workweek reaching highs in the low 90s.
May. 4, 2024
Sun on a blue sky framed by trees
As temperatures warm up, health officials are reminding Arizonans to be aware of the dangers of extreme heat. This summer could be hotter than usual, too, said meteorologist Tom Frieders with the National Weather Service.
May. 3, 2024
Workers install a new air conditioner on a roof
In a city where temperatures can flirt with 120 degrees, not everyone has air conditioning — or the money to pay for it.
ADOT encourages drivers to get their vehicles summer-ready
May. 3, 2024
Sign reading "cooling center here"
Glendale is offering multiple cooling and hydration locations, as well as two respite centers, which are provided by the Arizona Faith Network, a derivative of the Arizona Council of Churches founded in 1946.
Apr. 30, 2024
Library cafe
Phoenix had a record 55 days last year with temperatures reaching 110 degrees or higher. The relentless heat led to an unprecedented number of deaths. This year, county and city officials are making some changes they hope will protect more people.
More Arizona heat stories
Apr. 29, 2024
Sun on a blue sky framed by trees
Valley residents will experience a warm up, with higher afternoon temperatures to start the work week.
Apr. 28, 2024
The temperature reads 118 degrees on the sign on a Phoenix building complex
Starting Wednesday, the Maricopa Association of Governments, along with partner organizations will drop its Heat Relief Network map. The goal is to prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths.
Apr. 27, 2024
Heat relief network
This summer, people across the United States will have a new way to keep track of dangerous heat headed their way through a new heat warning system called HeatRisk.
Apr. 23, 2024
Sun in the blue sky with tree branches.
The National Weather Service in Phoenix forecasts high temperatures for the beginning of the work week. However, a cooldown could be coming later.
Apr. 21, 2024


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