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For the last few years, lawmakers and kinship foster families have been pushing to increase the amount of money they receive each month to help raise the kids in their care. Yet another bill to do just that is moving through the Arizona Legislature.
Feb. 9, 2024
Two kids outdoors in silhouette
The Show spoke with January Contreras, head of the Children’s Action Alliance, about a major expansion of the Child Tax Credit and other priorities for the group this legislative session.
Feb. 8, 2024
Arizona Burn Center
The Arizona Burn Center Valleywise Health is already one of the largest civilian burn units in the nation. But soon it will nearly triple in size when it moves into the new Valleywise Health Medical Center.
Feb. 7, 2024
Hao Yan
The Show spoke with molecular designer and Arizona State University professor Hao Yan about new strides in the field of nanotechnology and cancer research.
Feb. 7, 2024
Initial drawings for the building planned near Bell and Dysart roads
The Surprise Planning and Zoning Commission last week approved a conditional-use permit for a new marijuana dispensary planned for Bell and Dysart roads.
Feb. 6, 2024
Feet on pedal on bicycle
Laura Pastor wants to make traditional pedal bicycles more accessible downtown, but there could be financial challenges. And a report from city staff says e-bikes are used more often.
Feb. 6, 2024
Planned parenthood
Planned Parenthood Arizona has announced a change in leadership. The organization’s new CEO will take the helm amid ongoing legal and political fights over the state’s abortion laws.
Feb. 6, 2024
2020 ballot
The Show spoke with Dr. Ayman Fanous, chair of the Psychiatry Department at University of Arizona's College of Medicine — Phoenix, about election anxiety and how we can all cope with it.
Feb. 6, 2024
Stethoscope in a doctor's office.
A bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature could allow doctors who are trained in other countries to practice medicine here in the state.
Feb. 2, 2024
a while basket filled with tampons and pads
There's a bill in the Arizona Legislature that addresses period poverty, which is having insufficient or limited menstrual products or education. The bill’s brainchild is a local high school student.
Feb. 2, 2024
Woman in cowboy hat and glasses speaks
A Republican state lawmaker has introduced a bill to require insurance companies to pick up the costs for transgender patients who want to reverse treatments.
Feb. 2, 2024
perscription drugs
A new state Senate bill aims to minimize price increases of prescription drugs. The bill would require pharmacy benefit managers to get approval from the state before increasing costs higher than the inflation rate.
Feb. 1, 2024
A very small cut from every recreational marijuana sale in Arizona gets set aside for what Proposition 207 authors described as justice reinvestment. The state treasury has put more than $26 million into a namesake fund. Now health officials at the state and county level have started redistributing the money as grants to nonprofits.
Jan. 31, 2024
wastewater plant
The Show spoke with Dr. Reshma Neupane, food and water borne program manager at the Arizona Department of Health Services, about how they are trying to make sure that as a virus like COVID-19 continues to mutate and evolve, their equipment and technology are able to keep up with it.
Jan. 31, 2024
A nuclear bomb being tested in Nevada in 1957.
The Show spoke with Sherrie Hanna, an Arizona downwinder advocate, about what it means for her and her community that the newest NDAA did not include extended coverage for people who are considered "downwinders."
Jan. 31, 2024
COVID-19 mask discarded in street
The Show spoke with Lygia Navarro, an independent journalist and contributor for Palabra, the nonprofit news outlet for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, about how Latinos are disproportionately dealing with long COVID.
Jan. 30, 2024
Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control underscores the continuing and disproportionate impact of HIV among transgender women.
Jan. 29, 2024
a sign pointing to a hospital entrance
Heart disease is the third-leading cause of death in Arizona among adults ages 45 to 64. When it comes to symptoms of a heart attack, most of us know the big one — chest pain on the left side of the body. For women, that’s not always the case.
Jan. 29, 2024
The Show spoke with Dr. Ann Kahlsa, medical director at Valleywise Health's McDowell Community Health Center, about what she's seeing on the ground today with HIV cases.
Jan. 29, 2024
Arizona State University has made progress toward establishing its School of Medicine and Advanced Medical Engineering. It could get preliminary accreditation by 2025 and start admitting students in 2026.
Jan. 26, 2024


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