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Lawmakers are working to tighten the reins on fraudulent sober living homes after bad actors defrauded Arizona’s Medicaid agency out of billions of dollars. But one such bill was voted down Thursday evening in the House, while a less expansive version advanced.
Mar. 22, 2024
Intravenous drip of medicine at the hospital
CDC data released in January shows that the rate of congenital syphilis among American Indians and Alaska Natives was triple the rate for African Americans and nearly 12 times the rate for white babies in 2022.
Mar. 21, 2024
Woman in pink blazer speaks at podium
Democratic state Sen. Priya Sundareshan, the sponsor of an Arizona bill seeking to guarantee the right to contraception, spoke about it with The Show.
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Mar. 21, 2024
The effects of a month-old cyberattack that hit one of the country’s largest medical technology companies is still unresolved, leaving Arizona, and other states’ healthcare systems, scrambling for cash.
Mar. 21, 2024
Brain scan
Family caregivers are still struggling to navigate health care for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, according to a new report by the Alzheimer’s Association.
Mar. 20, 2024
Wednesday is National Native HIV-AIDS Awareness Day, first observed in 2007. This year’s theme is “It’s All Relative, Our Experience Makes a Difference.” It’s still a serious public health issue affecting tribal communities all across Indian Country, especially in Arizona.
Mar. 20, 2024
The Phoenix City Council
Phoenix leaders will have to decide whether to save tens of millions to address future budget shortfalls or spend money on items some residents are pushing for.
Mar. 19, 2024
Boxes of naloxone.
The health department’s new multimedia campaign features healthcare providers and experts, and people impacted by opioid addictions talking about the benefits of naloxone, also known as Narcan.
Mar. 19, 2024
a caregiver helping a person stand up
A bill that would have allowed families of residents in long-term care to place cameras in their rooms has died in the Arizona legislature.
Mar. 19, 2024
Valley fever coccidioides fungus
The atmospheric rivers that’ve pummeled California this winter have caused flooding, mudslides and other impacts. But the phenomenon is also leading to an increase in Valley fever cases in that state.
Mar. 19, 2024
Woman with hair pulled back in clips
A state lawmaker told her colleagues on the floor of the Arizona Senate that she plans to get an abortion and decried the state’s laws that restrict access to the procedure.
Mar. 18, 2024
birth control pill, contraceptive with a calendar in the background
House and Senate Republicans used their rules Wednesday to block a vote — or even a debate — on a proposal to enshrine the right to contraceptives in Arizona law.
Mar. 13, 2024
Student pets black dog
Valley schools from kindergarten to college have started programs to get therapy dogs on campus and available to students and faculty, despite the process to set up partnerships and get the dogs trained.
Mar. 13, 2024
Measles Virus
Health officials in Coconino County are warning of a possible measles exposure in Flagstaff, with one case already confirmed.
Mar. 12, 2024
Juul advertisement
The Tucson Unified School District plans to use money from a settlement with the e-cigarette company JUUL to hire five community health workers and two program supervisors to address substance use disorders and other mental health issues.
Mar. 12, 2024
Arizona's clocks, of course, stay on the same time year-round — Dr. Michael Grandner says that’s likely better for our sleep and overall health.
Mar. 12, 2024
Bedroom of a repurposed shipping container
After examining data from two federal studies, ASU researchers concluded nearly 40% of people born in the 1950s and '60s struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Mar. 11, 2024
Exterior of Chandler city hall at night
The event will include a competition where participants get five minutes to pitch their ideas. Winner will get up to $5,000 to support their venture. Booths and hands-on demonstrations will feature startups and prototypes.
Mar. 11, 2024
A row in the Frys grocery store in downtown Phoenix.
Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, a professor in Arizona State University's College of Health Solutions who also leads the school’s Food Policy and Environment Research Group, spoke more about the program with The Show.
Mar. 11, 2024
Researchers looked at data for nearly 1,500 teens and adults enrolled in the Strong Heart Family Study. It examined risk factors for heart disease and stroke in tribal communities in central Arizona, southwest Oklahoma and the Dakotas.
Mar. 8, 2024


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