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Phoenix Children's Hospital in Glendale
Phoenix Children’s Hospital today announced plans to expand its presence in the fast-growing West Valley by building a three-story hospital in Glendale.
May. 26, 2021
Opioid Epidemic
Gov. Ducey signed into law May 24 a bill to legalize needle exchange programs for Arizonans struggling with drug addiction. Advocates of the bill say it will pave the way for substance abuse services to connect with people in need of health services as well as mitigate the public health risks associated with IV drug abuse.
May. 25, 2021
Just after his inauguration in January, President Joe Biden announced a special enrollment period for Affordable Care Act health insurance coverage. And, in less than three months, a million people signed up. The White House lauded it as proof of the need to expand the health care law — but Jim Hammond says it’s just scratching the surface.
May. 24, 2021
N95 respirator masks
You may see fewer people wearing masks in Phoenix. On Wednesday, the City Council unanimously agreed to amend its rules for face coverings to follow updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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May. 19, 2021
Hugo López-Gatell
Mexican health officials hope the country will reach what’s known as “herd immunity” against COVID-19 by this fall.
May. 19, 2021
Navajo pandemic
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says COVID-19 vaccines are effective enough that vaccinated people don’t need masks in most settings. But the country’s largest Native American reservation will continue to enforce a face mask requirement for now.
May. 19, 2021
Tempe City Hall
The city of Tempe will end its face covering requirement in most public spaces starting Friday. With the exception of public transportation and the Tempe Municipal Court, face coverings will be considered optional. Tempe businesses and schools can decide on their own whether to keep a mandate.
May. 18, 2021
Dr. Joanna Andujar
Statewide, Latinos are vaccinated at a lower rate than any racial or ethnic group. Nearly 44% of Arizonans have gotten shots. Among Latino Arizonans, it’s just 18%. Five months after Arizona's vaccination campaign began, some say the disparity has more to do with access than attitudes.
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May. 17, 2021
Covid vaccine
Arizona health officials reported 468 new COVID-19 cases and no new deaths Monday morning. Nearly 44% of Arizonans have received at least one shot. Arizona Public Health Association Director Will Humble says there seems to be a brighter future coming soon, but it is still unknown how long vaccines will remain effective.
May. 17, 2021
Covid vaccine
Adelante Healthcare, in partnership with the city of Phoenix, provided vaccines again this weekend to those in underserved area codes. The event at Cesar Chavez Library is the third in a series of vaccination events, mostly located in south Phoenix. All three approved vaccines were made available, with walk-ins accepted.
May. 16, 2021
CDC vaccine chart
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the results of its largest study yet of the real-world effectiveness of mRNA vaccinations among health care workers.
May. 14, 2021
Michael Worobey
A group of scientists has published a letter in the journal Science calling for further investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic to mitigate the risk of future outbreaks. The joint China-World Health Organization findings released in March left many questions unanswered.
May. 14, 2021
baby feet
Earlier this year, Banner — University Medical Center Phoenix launched a new program to help expectant mothers struggling with substance abuse disorder. It turns out this program is one of the first of its kind in the Phoenix area.
May. 14, 2021
Fentanyl pills
The Arizona House has approved legislation legalizing test strips that can detect the presence of the potent opiate fentanyl and potentially help avoid deadly overdoses.
May. 14, 2021
Masks on sale at a Phoenix grocery store
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday COVID-19 vaccines are effective enough that fully vaccinated Americans don’t need face masks anymore in most settings. About a third of Arizona’s population is now fully vaccinated.
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May. 13, 2021
facebook twitter phone apps
Nearly 40% of teens reported symptoms of moderate to severe depression last year, amidst the pandemic, but social media has been a key in helping them stay connected.
May. 12, 2021
More than $5 billion is coming to Arizona state and local governments. The federal funding comes through the American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 stimulus package.
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May. 11, 2021
Maritza L. Félix and Valeria Fernández
Journalists Valeria Fernandez and Maritza Felix have covered immigration and immigrants in the region for many Spanish-language outlets. But in all of that reporting, they’ve seen something missing — especially for immigrant women. That’s why they’re combining forces to create a new podcast that launches May 10 called "Comadres Al Aire."
May. 10, 2021
Cars wait in line at a COVID-19 testing site in El Mirage
Tragically, Arizona’s rate of death from COVID-19 has been among the highest in the nation, with more than 17,000 lives lost. It’s a shocking number, so one listener asked through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project how the total gets calculated, and if it’s possible the number is inflated.
May. 6, 2021
nurse in a hospital
A major Phoenix hospital is paying $10 million to settle a federal court lawsuit that alleged neurosurgeons were misleading patients and submitting false claims to Medicare.
May. 5, 2021


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