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Stethoscope in a doctor's office.
Women over the age of 60 can still experience menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Yet it’s around that age when they may be told to stop hormone therapy. Now a new, large-scale study found that continuing hormone therapy is a reasonable option for some.
Apr. 18, 2024
pregnant woman
The Tempe Union High School District has a program called TAPP, which provides support to pregnant and parenting teens enrolled in high school. As part of that, one high school is now offering trauma informed care training.
Apr. 18, 2024
Kids teens using social media apps on smartphones
A new study examined the effect of various factors on the health of Arizona adolescents that researchers divided into five main categories that include physical and mental health, education and workforce development, environment and climate, economic well-being, and family and community.
Apr. 17, 2024
A Planned Parenthood office in Phoenix
Gabrielle Blair is a mother of six and a writer whose most recent book is called “Ejaculate Responsibly: A Whole New Way To Think About Abortion.”
Apr. 17, 2024
bag of fentanyl in a pocket
Haley Coles is executive director of Sonoran Prevention Works, which works in harm reduction for drug users in Arizona. She told The Show she doesn’t think tougher sentences will work to prevent fentanyl overdoses — but there’s a lot that would.
Apr. 17, 2024
two people holding hands
For the roughly 159,000 Arizonans living with an intellectual or developmental disability, having someone to help with things from teeth brushing to job hunting is vital. But direct support professionals — DSPs, as they’re known in the industry — are struggling.
Apr. 15, 2024
Flu shot
Two children in Pima County have died of the flu, according to the Pima County Health Department. Both children had Influenza B infections and neither of them had received a flu vaccine.
Apr. 13, 2024
a dog lays on the operating table
Veterinarians are in demand nationwide. They’re in especially high demand in shelter settings.
Apr. 12, 2024
Chandler Unified School District
The Chandler Unified School District is increasing its funding for an organization that offers help to students who are having suicidal thoughts. The governing board voted Wednesday to add $175,000 to the budget for its partnership with The Hope Institute.
Apr. 11, 2024
opioid pill bottles
The state is getting more than $1 billion from a settlement related to opioid manufacturing and distribution. Zac Ziegler, a producer and reporter at Arizona Public Media, has been looking into how much of that is being spent and what it’s being spent on.
Apr. 11, 2024
Saguaro National Park
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is reminding the public to keep a safe distance from wildlife after a gray fox bit three people in two separate attacks in the Tucson area.
Apr. 10, 2024
Stethoscope on a table.
Nearly a third of Americans don’t have a primary care physician due to an ongoing and worsening provider shortage. For those living in rural parts of the country, it can be even more difficult to access care.
Apr. 10, 2024
Abortion-rights advocates gather at the Arizona Capito
Legal expert Barbara Atwood spoke with The Show to break down some of the legal reasoning and questions after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled a near-total abortion ban from 1864 can go into effect.
Apr. 10, 2024
Woman in sunglasses gestures
Republican Kari Lake on Tuesday denounced an Arizona Supreme Court ruling reviving a near-total ban on abortion in the state — a law she previously praised as a gubernatorial candidate less than two years ago.
More Arizona politics news
Apr. 9, 2024
Gov. Katie Hobbs, backed by supporters of House Bill 2764, signs the bill into law
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signed legislation Monday meant to hold long-term care facilities accountable for failing to keep residents safe.
Apr. 9, 2024
A sign at Tempe Post Acute
Demand continues to outstrip the supply of home health workers as America ages. An industry official says it can't continue without recruiting more migrants.
Apr. 9, 2024
Abortion-rights advocates gather at the Arizona Capito
Abortions will soon be outlawed in Arizona except in cases where a pregnant person’s life is at risk. The state Supreme Court has ruled Arizona should follow a restrictive abortion law dating back to the 1860s.
Dems and some GOP call for repeal of near-total abortion ban
Apr. 9, 2024
Medical worker burned out
University of Arizona professor Amanda Wilson elaborates on how she'll spend the next five years and $750,000 to help prevent nurses from developing work-related asthma.
Apr. 8, 2024
Two men in suits stand in front of people holding anti-abortion signs
Abortion is currently allowed up to 15 weeks of gestation in the state, based on a law passed in 2022. The justices are considering whether the state should continue following the 15-week law, or if it should enforce a near-total abortion ban dating to the 1860s.
Apr. 8, 2024
Experimental medicine doctor and patient
Arizona congressman David Schweikert recently introduced a bill to expedite the development of treatments against certain substance-use disorders.
Apr. 8, 2024


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