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For almost a month, the restaurant industry in Mexico City has been under a second lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And thousands of them decided to unite on a peaceful protest to push the authorities to be flexible, under the motto: “If we close, we die.”
Jan. 14, 2021
Huss Brewing Company patio
The Safest Outside Restaurant Program — in effect since December — is intended to help restaurants offer more comfort on their patios, including heaters and outdoor furniture. And Gov. Doug Ducey added $2 million to the program earlier this month.
Jan. 12, 2021
In many cities, restaurants are among the businesses struggling with the severe negative impact from the coronavirus pandemic, as lockdowns forbid them to open or fully operate. And in Mexico, many of these businesses are defying the local governments by reopening.
Jan. 11, 2021
Jenelle Bonifield
Because of how different this wine scene is compared to our neighbors in California, Oregon and Washington, photographer Jenelle Bonifield wanted to capture the “do it yourself,” hard-working attitude of Arizona winemakers.
Dec. 28, 2020
A used pen cup at a restaurant in Glendale
In late February, Arizona’s restaurant scene was experiencing an all-time high. But, then, just a few short weeks later, it all came crashing down. So, just how bad was it? And where do we go from here? The Show spoke with local food writer Chris Malloy, who’s also the food critic for the Phoenix New Times.
Dec. 21, 2020
Culinary Dropout in Phoenix
Maybe you assume when ordering from apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash that the food is coming from a real restaurant. Well, that might not be the case. So-called “ghost kitchens” and “virtual concepts” are the new wave in the restaurant industry, and Peter Romeo says they’re everywhere even if you didn’t know it.
Dec. 17, 2020
Frank Gioia Jr./Frank Capri
The restaurant business has long been known as an extremely competitive one, and succeeding in it is a difficult and tiring effort. And if your eatery is mostly a front for alleged mob activity and fraud, the figurative menu looks a lot different.
Dec. 16, 2020
esperanza and felipe carranza
This month, The Show is bringing you “Eating Christmas” — a typically live storytelling event that has had to adapt, like so much in life, to COVID-19. Felipe Carranza is the principal at Encanto Elementary School. He shared his “Eating Christmas” essay: “Tamales Y Santos."
Dec. 10, 2020
Huss Brewing Company patio
Record high temperatures prevented restaurants across the Valley from opening outdoor seating in an attempt to recoup lost profits in response to the pandemic. However, a drop in temperatures has businesses taking advantage of temporary dining permits and good weather and opening outdoor seating for their customers.
Dec. 4, 2020
masked man holding up bags of food
Several Valley chefs are partnering with a nonprofit to provide meals at polling places. The program not only feeds voters, it also nourishes local restaurants struggling during the pandemic.
Nov. 2, 2020
Funnel cake
Just because Arizona State Fair fans can’t pack the fairgrounds this year, it doesn’t mean they can’t get a taste of it. Fair organizers are hosting a drive-thru for two weekends featuring fair food favorites — from turkey legs to funnel cakes.
Sep. 26, 2020
Mixed drinks in jars
An attorney for Gov. Doug Ducey argues giving restaurants the "privilege" to sell beer, wine and liquor out the door "qualifies as a recovery and response activity because it aids restaurants." More than 100 bars are suing over the decision.
Sep. 22, 2020
A used pen cup at a restaurant in Glendale
The Arizona Restaurant Association is reminding its members to follow rules and guidelines established to keep their staff and customers safe during the pandemic. Several bars violating COVID-19 safety measures were recently shut down.
Sep. 9, 2020
interior of mostly empty restaurant
New data from Yelp show a 23% increase in restaurants that permanently closed between mid-June and mid-July. For local, independent restaurants, the biggest challenges are supply and labor costs.
Aug. 19, 2020
Chef Danielle Leoni
While many restaurants are suffering financially due to COVID-19, there are growing calls for the federal government to help independent restaurants — those that are not part of national brands or large chains. Over the last several months, KJZZ has been following two Phoenix restaurants through the crisis. This report starts downtown where some people waited in triple-digit heat to support their local restaurant.
Aug. 10, 2020
McDonald's sign
McDonald’s plans to close 200 locations in the United States this year, including more than half located inside Walmart stores. McDonald’s said the low-volume restaurants were slated to close in future years but thanks to the coronavirus they’ll close this year.
Jul. 28, 2020
Danny Piacquadio, owner of Harold's Cave Creek Corral.
Many older restaurants across Arizona invested in Series 6 bar licenses due to their value and flexibility. But under Gov. Doug Ducey's executive order closing all bars with Series 6 licenses, these restaurants are in limbo.
Jul. 19, 2020
James Lewis JL Smokehouse
In recent months, as we’ve seen protests over racial violence across the country and new support for the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve also seen new support for Black-owned businesses. Some argue that a good place to put those dollars here in Phoenix is toward our burgeoning Black barbecue scene.
Jul. 17, 2020
Chef Stephen Jones Delta the Larder
As the pandemic has raged in our state, we’ve seen businesses close and reopen with new safety protocols in place. But now, as the numbers continue to surge here, some businesses are choosing to close their doors again.
Jul. 16, 2020
Organ Stop
Phoenix is following in the footsteps of Mesa and Glendale by allowing restaurants to extend their dining areas.
Jul. 2, 2020


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