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Between the price of groceries, higher mortgage rates and news reports of layoffs, some people are bracing for tougher economic times — or wondering if they should be. So how does the Valley’s economy look?
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Jan. 27, 2023
Melissa Kruse-Peeples
Winter in most of the country means cold — much too cold for much of anything to grow. But in Phoenix, winter looks a little different. Melissa Kruse-Peeples says winter in the desert is, in fact, the best time to garden. She explained why.
Jan. 23, 2023
Delena Humble-Fisher at Sin Muerte in downtown Phoenix
To hear bar manager Delena Humble-Fischer talk about cocktails is like hearing an artist describe the inspiration behind their work. And, it turns out, that’s not far from the truth about her.
Jan. 20, 2023
Shoppers may start seeing fewer choices and lower quality produce at supermarkets, as federal water cuts take effect.
Jan. 20, 2023
a table with modern Mexican food dishes
Some restaurateurs have tried to capitalize on food trends, declaring their menus serve “modern Mexican” food. But what exactly does that mean? To find out, The Show spoke with chef Maria Mazon, chef and owner of Boca Tacos in Tucson.
Jan. 19, 2023
A new survey says 20% of business travelers plan to take more trips this year than they did before the pandemic.
Jan. 18, 2023
grocery store cart
The Arizona House Ways and Means Committee passed a bill that would eliminate tax on groceries Wednesday. More than 20 cities in the Phoenix area alone currently collect a tax on groceries.
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Jan. 18, 2023
A sample of corn and different patterns on the kernel
Long before there were grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, ancient cultures found sustenance in the Southwest through innovative farming techniques. A nonprofit seed bank in southern Arizona is keeping that agricultural past alive, restoring traditional crops and foods that in some cases go back hundreds of years.
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Jan. 18, 2023
Tempe City Hall
Nearly 30 entrepreneurs in Tempe have received grants up to $25,000. The money can be used for anything to help their business succeed — that could mean covering rent, investing in training, or buying supplies and equipment.
Jan. 12, 2023
The policy could increase prices another 3 cents per egg at a time when the cost of a carton of eggs is already higher than average due to an avian flu outbreak.
Jan. 11, 2023
Phoenix Arizona backyard chicken
Egg prices are up — and there’s no relief in sight, thanks to an avian flu outbreak that killed tens of millions of chickens. But not Amy McSheffrey’s. The Phoenix resident keeps 13 chickens in her backyard on the outskirts of the Arcadia neighborhood.
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Jan. 11, 2023
a shelf of eggs
It doesn’t take an eagle-eyed shopper to notice that egg prices are soaring. An outbreak of bird flu is behind the nearly 50% rise in price, according to Julie Murphree with the Arizona Farm Bureau.
Jan. 5, 2023
corn  in field
A major development coming to southwest Phoenix involves turning a 100-year-old farmhouse into a restaurant.
Jan. 5, 2023
An area of south Phoenix known as the "Four Corners" could soon be home to a farmer’s market. It will mark the first project on land the city took control of more than 20 years ago.
Jan. 3, 2023
social media icons on a phone
Tempe-based businesses that need help navigating social media can find support through a city resource center.
Dec. 30, 2022
Arizona's minimum wage
Starting Jan. 1, 2023, Arizona’s minimum wage will increase more than a dollar an hour. The hike is meant to keep up with the cost of living.
Dec. 23, 2022
the show staff sample year-old eggnog
Christmas is almost here, so it’s time for a little indulgence — public radio style. And that luxury comes in the form of sampling year-old eggnog.
Dec. 22, 2022
Raúl Grijalva
The USDA has granted two Arizona groups almost $5 million each to support efforts to increase climate-smart agriculture. One is led by the University of Arizona, and the other involves all three state universities.
Dec. 21, 2022
a kid in a school lunch line
Researchers at ASU looked into the costs and benefits of making healthy school meals more accessible as the state considered its options.
Dec. 16, 2022
As the holidays approach, Arizona food banks report they are continuing to see record demand from families in need.
Dec. 15, 2022


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