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Fair rides
This year's Arizona State Fair runs Sept. 22 through Oct. 29, with the usual range of rides and games in the Midway to the Coliseum concert series to demolition derby and rodeos in the grandstand.
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Sep. 22, 2023
Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream
Now you can get alcoholic coffee and tea drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts. Or if breakfast food is more your thing, you can try the frozen waffle-inspired offering from Eggo.
Sep. 21, 2023
tracy dempsey
The Show continues its Saguaro Land series with chef Tracy Dempsey and how her desserts are intertwined with the Sonoran Desert.
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Sep. 21, 2023
The selection of doughnuts at the grand opening of Voodoo Doughnuts
In 2014, chef Michael Babcock opened one of the first gourmet doughnut shops in the Valley: Welcome Chicken + Donuts. The Show spoke with him more about doughnut nostalgia, the challenges of opening a shop and some of his favorite spots to grab a maple bar.
Sep. 8, 2023
People lined up at the grand opening of Voodoo Doughnuts
Doughnut fans in lawn chairs started lining up early at a bright pink building near Apache Boulevard and Rural Road in Tempe. The newest location of Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnuts opened its doors to a line stretching down the street on Thursday morning.
Sep. 7, 2023
Sky Harbor
After voting to strike Friday, concession workers at Sky Harbor Airport could now walk off the job at any time. The labor union representing the workers said SSP America, which employs hundreds of airport workers, has yet to come to the table.
Sep. 5, 2023
Restaurants at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
Concession workers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport voted on Friday to authorize a strike for better wages and working conditions.
Sep. 2, 2023
Hass avocados in the top row compared to Luna avocados in the bottom row.
Avocado cultivation requires a lot of water, and improper planting can accelerate soil erosion. That's why researchers at the University of California Riverside are bringing a new strain of the fleshy green fruit to market.
Aug. 29, 2023
Rochelle Garcia Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky
Lois Ellen Frank's latest cookbook, “Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky: Modern Plant-Based Recipes using Native American Ingredients,” is a love letter to the foods and flavors from the Southwest — but most of all, the Indigenous producers who cultivate and cherish them.
Aug. 27, 2023
A jar of tea sits in the sun in Tempe on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023.
Through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: Is it safe to make and drink your own sun tea in Arizona? While Arizona's weather makes it the perfect place for making sun tea, the brewing method actually poses some health risks.
Aug. 24, 2023
Chipotle restaurant
The Show spoke with David Frankly, a law professor at Arizona State University, about trademarks amid Chipotle Mexican Grill's lawsuit with Sweetgreen over the word "chipotle."
Aug. 24, 2023
More hotel rooms are coming to downtown Chandler as part of the second phase of “New Square."
Aug. 22, 2023
Park visitors boarding the free shuttle bus at the Hermits Rest Stop
The National Park Service said annual visitor spending in Arizona topped a billion dollars. More than 10 million visitors spent a billion dollars in 2022, according to a report released by the National Park Service on Monday.
Aug. 21, 2023
Phoenix playground park sign
Phoenix wants to give qualifying neighborhood groups and nonprofits up to $10,000 to host events in city parks.
Aug. 21, 2023
Mesa has a program to encourage library use and promote small businesses. Businesses can offer a special promotion or discount for customers who show their library cards.
Aug. 16, 2023
Meat at grocery store
The Show spoke with Max Graham, food and agriculture fellow at Grist, a nonprofit media organization focusing on climate solutions, about arguments made by proponents of cultivated meat, why they think it'll be good for the climate and environment and more.
Aug. 4, 2023
A corner lot that’s sat empty for more than a decade is expected to be home to a new dining concept in downtown Chandler.
Aug. 1, 2023
Window to the ice rink from Ice House Tavern
The Show's producers have taken trips to various cold places around Arizona where you can escape the heat. This time we look at a bar with one of the coolest views in town.
Jul. 28, 2023
Assortment of Bagelfeld's bagels.
The Show spoke to Bagelfeld's owner Charlie Blonkenfeld about his bagel shop's growing popularity.
Jul. 21, 2023
A cup of water filled with ice.
Many restaurants provide free glasses of water upon request. But are they required to by law? That’s what one listener asked through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project.
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Jul. 20, 2023


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