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Tempe voters in line
A bill that would have prevented elections from being canvassed if enough voters claimed to be disenfranchised failed to pass the state Senate.
Mar. 23, 2023
Maricopa County Elections Department tabulation machines
Arizona lawmakers are moving to require all election equipment only be built with components made and assembled in the United States. There are no voting machines that currently meet those specifications. So if passed, the bill wouldn’t kick in until 2028.
Mar. 22, 2023
Adrian Fontes Mark Finchem
Secretary of State Adrian Fontes has asked an Arizona Superior Court judge to order Mark Finchem to pay about $67,000 in sanctions.
Mar. 22, 2023
A vote center in north Phoenix
A bill awaiting debate in the state Senate would implement new rules for those who bring an early ballot to polling places on Election Day.
Mar. 20, 2023
Kari Lake
Attorneys for Gov. Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Maricopa County told the state Supreme Court that justices should reject Republican Kari Lake’s latest, and possibly final attempt, to overturn the results of the 2022 election.
Mar. 15, 2023
Phoenix City Council chambers
Unofficial results show two City Council candidates endorsed by Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego as the winners in Tuesday’s runoff election. The election was required by law because no candidate received a majority of votes last November.
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Mar. 14, 2023
Tucson City Hall
Tucson’s elections have long been a point of conflict with the state Legislature and many conservatives, who argue that they give an unfair advantage to Democrats in the liberal bastion.
Mar. 14, 2023
capitol museum
Republican lawmakers at the state Capitol have already seen a few of the bills they’ve passed met with a swift veto stamp from Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs. Now they’re pushing several proposals through the Legislature that go around her completely.
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Mar. 9, 2023
A vote center in north Phoenix
A group that has pledged to create a pathway for an alternative candidate to run against the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees in 2024 will get a spot on the ballot in Arizona.
Mar. 8, 2023
Early ballot drop box at the Maricopa County Elections Department
The state Senate passed a bill that would require voters that want to submit late mail-in ballots to also present an ID at their polling place or at the County Recorder’s Office. To ensure their ballot counts, it must be submitted this way by the Friday before Election Day.
Mar. 8, 2023
Kris Mayes
Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is suing Cochise County for giving its county recorder – a friend and ally of losing secretary of state candidate and election denier Mark Finchem — nearly all authority over county election operations.
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Mar. 7, 2023
Mark Finchem
The Republican candidate who lost the Arizona secretary of state election has been sanctioned after the lawsuit he filed, claiming “misconduct” and “illegal votes,” was deemed groundless.
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Mar. 6, 2023
Mark Brnovich
Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sat on evidence his own staff had uncovered that debunked election fraud conspiracies. And now the editorial board of the Arizona Republic declares it cannot go unpunished.
Mar. 6, 2023
Liz Harris
This week, top Republican lawmakers denounced a legislative hearing filled with unfounded conspiracy theories, and Cochise County voted to give election responsibility to its Republican recorder. To discuss those stories and more, The Show spoke with Jaime Molera of Molera Alvarez and Democratic strategist Tony Cani.
Mar. 3, 2023
Kari Lake
Kari Lake, the Republican who lost the Arizona governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, has asked the state Supreme Court to review her challenge of election results that has so far been rejected by the courts.
Mar. 2, 2023
Cochise County Courhouse in Bisbee
A rural Arizona county board that was embroiled last year in voting machine conspiracies has voted to give all election duties through 2024 to the county’s elected Republican recorder. The state Attorney General’s Office suggested the move Tuesday may be illegal.
Mar. 1, 2023
Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs is condemning far-fledged allegations from a legislative committee hearing that she and other state leaders like Adrian Fontes and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were taking bribes from Mexican cartels.
Mar. 1, 2023
Mark Brnovich
This week, records showed that former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich promoted election fraud claims while withholding reports from his own office that debunked those same allegations.
Feb. 24, 2023
gavel in a courtroom
The State Bar of Arizona confirmed it’s received two complaints against former Attorney General Mark Brnovich related to reports that he concealed records debunking election fraud claims.
Feb. 23, 2023
Mark Brnovich
As former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich released a report casting doubt on the 2020 election, his own staff was busy debunking claims of voting irregularities and fraud. But Brnovich never released the results of their labors.
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Feb. 22, 2023


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