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HonorHealth Shea Medical Center
Scottsdale-based HonorHealth will pay $1.75 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit involving former employees of the nonprofit health system.
Sep. 19, 2023
Hacienda HealthCare
When an incapacitated woman gave birth at Hacienda Healthcare in 2018, it made international headlines. Earlier this month, the release of Phoenix police bodycam footage brought the case back into the spotlight. But one disability advocate says the case never should’ve lost attention.
Sep. 15, 2023
Beth Papp is seen here using a laminated letter board to spell out something she wants to say. Emily Ulan, her communication partner, stands nearby to read out the letters Papp points to and read them aloud. They are wearing matching 'Eras Tour' shirts.
Stories like that of “pop princess” Britney Spears and football star Michael Oher have gripped the nation. Many other stories of conservatorship and legal guardianship have gone largely untold. This one is about Beth Papp, an Arizona resident and "non-speaker."
Sep. 6, 2023
a person and a child holding hands
Parents of minor children with an intellectual or developmental disability have been pushing Arizona’s Medicaid program to allow them to permanently be their child’s paid caregiver. Late last month, the group behind this effort had a big win.
Sep. 2, 2023
ASU Arizona State University
Arizona State University’s Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics is rolling out a new annual lecture series with a focus on disability awareness.
Aug. 24, 2023
violin player
An orchestra in Tucson is partnering with Banner’s Alzheimer’s Institute to create a special rehearsal performance for people dealing with memory loss issues.
Aug. 17, 2023
Arizona Autism Charter Schools ribbon cutting
A network of charter schools that caters to students on the autism spectrum is expanding to Tucson. A new campus will be open to Pima County students on Friday, Sept. 1.
Aug. 11, 2023
U.S. Marines in Vietnam in April 1968.
Arizona Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange and other toxic substances can file a claim for PACT Act-related disability benefits.
Aug. 8, 2023
child drawing dinosaurs with caregiver
During the pandemic, Arizona’s Medicaid program allowed parents of minors with an intellectual or developmental disability to be their child’s paid caregiver. Those parents are one step closer to a permanent paid caregiver program.
Aug. 1, 2023
Painting of "Justa Center Expect Miracles"
Phoenix is under an excessive heat warning, this time through Wednesday when temperatures are expected to hit 118. For older Arizonans experiencing homelessness, finding a place to cool off can be a matter of life or death. So where are they going?
Jul. 24, 2023
Arizona Department of Corrections building
Federal investigators say Arizona’s prison system illegally discriminates against inmates who are blind or partially sighted. The state Corrections director said his administration first learned of the federal review that went on for more than two years about two weeks ago.
Jul. 20, 2023
Arizona Capitol copper dome statue Phoenix
When a child with an intellectual or developmental disability is approaching adulthood, it’s sometimes suggested that their parents file to put them under a legal guardianship. Guardianships are meant to assist those who can’t make decisions for themselves. But they also remove a person’s legal rights — like voting, making medical decisions, or getting married.
Jun. 14, 2023
Thousands of high school seniors across Arizona celebrated graduation season this past month, grinning in caps and gowns for proud families. But for some Arizona students, the end of high school can — and, legal experts say — should — wait.
Jun. 1, 2023
person sitting in a dark room
A new U.S. Senate report called "Uninspected and Neglected" found that decades of underfunding for nursing home inspection agencies has put older residents and people with disabilities at risk.
May. 19, 2023
kids painting in a classroom
The Biden Administration last month issued an executive order on caregiving. It’s designed to improve care for kids, those with developmental disabilities and seniors.
May. 2, 2023
child drawing dinosaurs with caregiver
Last week, President Joe Biden issued an executive order designed to improve caregiving for children, seniors and people with developmental disabilities.
Apr. 24, 2023
Arizona state Senate sign
The state Senate passed a bill Thursday to continue the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind for another four years.
Apr. 14, 2023
Marissa Holland
We bring you news from throughout the state. The most important stories impact everyday Arizonans. Behind the headlines are real people, and we want to share their stories. It’s part of a new feature we’re launching, called Voices of Arizona.
Apr. 13, 2023
Brandi Coon and her son, Tyson
KJZZ brings you news from throughout the state. The most important stories impact everyday Arizonans. Voices of Arizona bring you the real people behind the headlines.
Apr. 12, 2023
Caregivers meet at the Arizona Capitol
The Arizona Caregiver Coalition held its annual caregiver day at the state Capitol on Thursday April, 6. For the last few years, the coalition focused on caregivers with aging loved ones. But this year was a little different.
Apr. 7, 2023


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