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The Living Traditions Dance Troupe
"Dancing With The Universe | Native Style” is a new Indigenous theatrical work debuting this weekend at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. The themes present in the songs and dances are centered on connecting to nature.
May. 3, 2022
Andrew Dana Hudson Our Shared Storm
Plans to combat climate change vary according to perception of its severity. In his new book, "Our Shared Storm: A Novel of Five Climate Futures," Andrew Dana Hudson begins with public policy on climate change and offers a variety of scenarios.
Apr. 29, 2022
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Mexico is renewing an energy subsidy to help Sonorans with the high costs of electricity during the scorching summer months, and the president says he’s looking to make that assistance permanent.
Apr. 28, 2022
Coronado Generating Station
SRP plans to close its Coronado Generating Station in eastern Arizona no later than 2032. The utility has ambitious goals for reducing its carbon footprint and will launch a number of studies on how to shutter the plant with little economic impact. .
Apr. 27, 2022
Colorado River
Leaders in the Yuma area are hosting a roundtable Thursday afternoon to discuss how drought and cuts in Colorado River output will affect water infrastructure and needs going forward.
Apr. 27, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
Firefighters in southern Arizona are making headway battling the Locklin Fire. The blaze was reported late Monday night in the town of Bisbee in Cochise County.
Apr. 26, 2022
flames from the tunnel fire
The Tunnel Fire continues to burn acreage in northern Arizona, signaling the beginning of wildfire season in the state.
Apr. 25, 2022
A Phoenix skyline
The Phoenix City Council recently approved a heat response plan for this summer. For the first time, staff from the city’s homeless services program will join volunteers as they pass out water and maps to cooling centers.
More Arizona business news
Apr. 24, 2022
Raúl Grijalva
Southern Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva hosted a community event in Tucson on Wednesday to give details about a bill he’s part of that would make access to clean air and water a right protected by law.
Apr. 21, 2022
south mountain
The ban applies to open wood and charcoal fires in 10 desert parks and preserves.
Apr. 21, 2022
Al Gore ASU virtual climate change talk
With Earth Day approaching, a group of academics gathered at Arizona State University for a virtual and in-person conference on climate change and democracy.
Apr. 20, 2022
Tunnel Fire BAER team
As the Tunnel Fire ravaged huge swaths of northern Arizona a few weeks ago, homes and forests were burned, as well as the entirety of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.
Apr. 19, 2022
Tres Rios Wetlands
Falling levels in northern Arizona reservoirs have raised concerns about the state’s water supply during the ongoing drought. But other sources of water supplying metro Phoenix are at healthier levels.
Apr. 19, 2022
wildflowers in peridot, az
Even as temperatures in the Valley are climbing into the 90s, this remains one of the most beautiful times of year here. In large part, that’s because of the varieties of wildflowers that have emerged with gorgeous, bright colors that create such a unique landscape.
Apr. 18, 2022
Apache Trout
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is stocking less trout in several lakes this season.
Apr. 15, 2022
summer cactus
Cacti seem hardy enough, but more than 31% of species are threatened with extinction. And scientists don’t know whether climate change will improve or worsen their prospects. A new study paints a troubling picture.
Apr. 15, 2022
summer cactus
For many of us, climate change conjures up nothing but images of doom and destruction, from disastrous storms to wildfires to scorching heat. But Chris Castro, a professor and associate head in the department of hydrology and atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona, says there's still hope.
Apr. 13, 2022
ASU mechanical tree carbon capture drum
Carbon emissions are rising, and scientists are worried that we aren’t adapting fast enough to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. A device that looks like a 10-foot beer keg could help.
Apr. 13, 2022
Arizona Corporation Commission building
Conservationists and residents of the community of Randolph gathered outside the Arizona Corporation Commission building Tuesday to protest Salt River Project’s expansion of a gas-fired generating station. The commission voted 4-1 to deny the project.
Apr. 12, 2022
SRP building
Utility customers sent new members to Salt River Project’s governing bodies in elections Tuesday.
Apr. 6, 2022


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