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Phoenix Suns fans at Road Game Rally
End-of-the-road losses are nothing new for Arizona sports. It seems just when we almost make it to the top of the mountain, we’re kicked back down to the bottom. That’s just one of the reasons sportscaster Tim Ring says Arizona sports fans have something of an inferiority complex — and a burning desire to take it all the way.
Apr. 11, 2022
hanky code
Three of the Phoenix-area's best known artists — Chris Jagmin, Safwat Saleem and Ann Morton — are currently joining forces at Modified Arts in downtown Phoenix. It’s all part of a group show called "Tense" — a hint at the kind of personal and politically driven multimedia work they’ve put together for it.
Apr. 8, 2022
Man leaning over shirt
It’s estimated baby boomers own about half of Arizona’s privately held companies with at least five employees. It’s one reason work is underway to ensure companies stay locally owned for the next generation.
More Arizona business news
Apr. 8, 2022
Arizona Cardinals training facility
The Arizona Cardinals have been added to the list of defendants in a lawsuit accusing the NFL of racist hiring practices. The Cardinals say they’re confident that facts will disprove the discrimination claims by a Black coach fired after one season.
Apr. 7, 2022
Swim lessons
More than half of city pools in Phoenix are expected to stay closed this summer because the city doesn’t have enough workers.
Apr. 7, 2022
Chris Fabricant Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System
A new book by Chris Fabricant, director of the Innocence Project, sheds light on what he calls the broken, racist justice system in our country. It’s called, "Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System."
Apr. 7, 2022
Michael P. Branch On the Trail of the Jackalope
If you've spent any time in rural Arizona, you've probably seen something with the image of a jackalope on it. Jackalopes aren't real, but in Michael Branch's new book, he traces how the myth led to modern advancements.
Apr. 7, 2022
Chase Field
It’s opening day across Major League Baseball, and the Arizona Diamondbacks begins its season Thursday night at Chase Field. To get a preview of the 2022 Diamondbacks, The Show spoke with Zach Buchanan, a baseball writer for the Athletic.
Apr. 5, 2022
globe sculpture created for the 1964-65 World's Fair in New York
Old movies and musicals occasionally referenced exciting World's fairs. And it turns out, they're still going on.
Apr. 5, 2022
A new list by the advocacy group In Defense of Animals ranks the Phoenix Zoo as one of the worst zoos in the country in how it cares for elephants.
Apr. 5, 2022
David and Brooklynn Cameron Chars LIVE
The Melrose music venue Char's Has the Blues is now Char's LIVE, a name change that came with a new developer. The Show spoke with developer David Cameron and music critic Ed Masley to learn about the club's history with the blues.
Apr. 4, 2022
A new exhibit on display at Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix showcases amazing drawings on a very uncommon medium by Valley architect and artist Kyoko Iwasaka.
Apr. 3, 2022
Pastor Warren Stewart
Citing ongoing efforts by state leaders to pass more voting restrictions, Rev. Warren Stewart — senior pastor at Phoenix’s First Institutional Baptist Church — is doubling down on calls for the NFL to pull next year’s Super Bowl from Arizona.
More Arizona politics news
Apr. 2, 2022
Chris Paul Phoenix Suns
Suns point guard Chris Paul is among President Biden’s recent appointees to his advisory board on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, intended to advance the HBCU Initiative established by the Carter administration.
Apr. 2, 2022
FanDuel Sportsbook Footprint Center Phoenix
Sports betting is booming in Arizona, according to the latest numbers. Arizonans wagered over $560 million in January. The state collected nearly $1.7 million in tax revenue, which made it one of the top 10 sports betting markets in the country.
Apr. 1, 2022
Troy Kotsur banner
Downtown Mesa now features banners honoring the first deaf man to win an Oscar for acting. On Friday, the city hung four banners on Main Street to honor the achievements Mesa native Troy Kotsur.
Born and raised in Mesa, this actor is making history
Apr. 1, 2022
Matt Bell Refuse to Be Done
Anyone who writes anything knows about the importance of revision — taking your first draft, or a later one, and making it better. It can be a difficult process. But a new book aims to help writers and non-writers alike through the revising and re-writing process.
Apr. 1, 2022
my body my choice artwork
The traveling exhibition "My Body, My Truth" spotlights women and other minority groups having control over their own bodies. Mary Anna Pomonis is one of the artists who started this collective. The Show spoke with her to learn more about it.
Apr. 1, 2022
kachina coyote
The Arizona Coyotes want help from lawmakers so the franchise can pack a state sports betting license into moving trucks soon departing Glendale. Loss of the ability to take bets would be a double-hit to the hockey team owner’s wallet.
Mar. 30, 2022
KJZZ's The Show
In the late 19th century, when most Navajo children were being forcibly taken from their homes and educated in government-run boarding schools rife with abuse, one place on the reservation did things differently: Ganado Mission. The complicated history is rigorously documented in Jim Kristofic’s book, "Medicine Women: The Story of the First Native American Nursing School."
Mar. 30, 2022


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