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Cars wait in line at a COVID-19 testing site in El Mirage
A new website aims to be a one-stop shop for the transportation needs of older adults across the state. The website is especially important now when some seniors need a ride to get a coronavirus vaccine.
Apr. 2, 2021
Woman's hands
The number of older people slipping into poverty is on the rise. And for many, it’s a new experience.
Mar. 29, 2021
grandpads interface
Loneliness and isolation are still issues affecting older adults. Despite progress being made with the vaccine rollout in Arizona, life is not going back to normal for seniors just yet. Now one organization is trying to eliminate loneliness and isolation using technology.
Mar. 29, 2021
Person with walker
One of the leading organizations known for investigating human rights abuses around the globe issued a new report this week about nursing home neglect in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic.
Mar. 29, 2021
Nursing home outdoor visit
Roughly three months ago, things were not looking good at most long-term care facilities. Cases were soaring, people were dying and the vaccine rollout was just getting started. Since then, a lot has changed.
Mar. 26, 2021
man with hands in his lap
More than a third of all deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. have been in nursing homes, and new research from Northern Arizona University shows nursing homes that serve higher proportions of racial and ethnic minority residents have been hit especially hard.
Mar. 16, 2021
2019 Novel Coronavirus Model
More evidence is emerging that COVID-19 can have a negative impact on brain health. A new report from the AARP Global Council on Brain Health looks at the ways the virus can attack gray matter.
Mar. 12, 2021
Doug Ducey
A year after Gov. Ducey issued a state of emergency, he hosted a tele-town hall with more than 25,000 members of the public on the line. Many of the callers were older and had questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.
Mar. 12, 2021
Nursing home outdoor visit
Just a few days before the one-year mark of nursing homes closing their doors to visitors, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid revised its guidelines to allow for less-restrictive visits. But the guidance does not include the state’s more than 2,000 assisted-living facilities.
Mar. 12, 2021
Nearly a year after nursing homes were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid updated its guidance on indoor visits.
Mar. 11, 2021
Nancy Barto
The Arizona Senate tentatively approved Republican Sen. Nancy Barto’s bill that would make sure elderly and vulnerable patients don't get passed up for care because of age and medical condition. But Democratic Sen. Tony Navarrete says this bill is potentially problematic if there were to be another public health crisis.
Mar. 9, 2021
Mark Kelly addresses volunteers at a get out the vote event.
Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly is getting a crash course on what it means to grow old in a pandemic — which is why he and two other senators introduced a bill that would allocate roughly $1.5 billion to help fund aging services across the country.
Mar. 5, 2021
The Alzheimer's Association released its annual Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures report, but this year's report is very different from previous years because it looked at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people living with Alzheimer's and other dementias.
Mar. 3, 2021
The Arizona Capitol building
Several bills that would help the disability community are moving through the Arizona Legislature. And some of these bills have bipartisan support.
Feb. 24, 2021
brain scans
Banner Sun Health in Sun City is home to a brain and body donation program. Over the summer, the program received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to map the invasion of COVID-19 in the brain. Now, the preliminary results have been shared online.
Feb. 22, 2021
The vaccine site at Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Getting a coronavirus vaccine can be challenging, even for those who are eligible. Some either can’t book an appointment online or they can’t get to their appointment. This can be especially difficult for older adults, who might not have family to help them. Now one nonprofit is making sure anyone who needs a lift gets one.
Feb. 18, 2021
Sandy Mazzio
Dying in an age of COVID-19 has changed. Before, family and friends could gather around their loved one as they said their goodbyes. Now, it might be a stranger who sits at the bedside. Here's what it's like to hold the hand of someone in their final moments — and what we can hopefully learn.
Get The Latest News On COVID-19 In Arizona
Feb. 17, 2021
person using a cane
In less than a month, the country will reach yet another COVID-19 anniversary, the day the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid directed nursing homes to restrict visitors. Despite efforts to keep the virus out, long term care facilities were hit hard by the virus and many residents died. And many more are still at high risk.
Feb. 15, 2021
a person smelling a rose
We all know the symptoms of COVID-19: fever, aches, loss of taste and smell are ones we hear a lot about. And while most recover from COVID-19, could there be effects that don’t manifest until later in life?
Feb. 15, 2021
SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronavirus
A new study found that people with dementia are at significantly higher risk of contracting COVID-19. And it could mean they’re more likely to be hospitalized and die from the virus.
Feb. 15, 2021


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