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For LGBTQ elders who live in rural parts of Arizona, accessing services can be tough. Programs geared toward this population may not even exist. Now one organization that is working towards becoming a safe place for LGBTQ older adults.
Jan. 27, 2023
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A new study found that there could be some viral illnesses that might increase a person’s chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The strongest association was between viral encephalitis and Alzheimer’s disease.
Jan. 27, 2023
estate planning document
The term death doula has been in the news a lot lately. But death doulas don’t just support a person as they navigate the dying process. They also support those looking to get their affairs in order.
Jan. 23, 2023
Navajo Nation
Roughly 1 in 3 Native American elders will develop Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. They will likely rely on family caregivers, who will also need ongoing support. Now, new partnership that aims to reach family caregivers on the Navajo Nation.
Jan. 17, 2023
As the U.S. population ages, the number of people with vision problems — and related physical and mental health consequences — will grow. But the best vision data for seniors are 14 years old and based on outmoded tools. A new report offers an up-to-date assessment.
Jan. 12, 2023
Brain scan
Arizona has the fastest growing rate of Alzheimer’s disease in the country. So, it was a sigh of relief for providers and those who work in the Alzheimer’s space when the FDA approved a drug that’s been shown to slow the early stages of the brain-robbing disease.
Jan. 10, 2023
Dana Marie Kennedy
Arizona is home to millions of older adults, people 65 and older. And their needs, from long-term care to aging at home, are costly. Now that there’s a new governor at the helm — Katie Hobbs was publicly sworn in on Thursday — AARP is working on a wish list.
Jan. 6, 2023
phoenix fire ambulance
A new program could help some seniors facing medical emergencies in Phoenix. The Senior Lockbox program is a way for emergency responders to gain access to homes when someone inside can’t open the door.
Jan. 2, 2023
a caregiver helping a person stand up
In a few days, Arizona’s minimum wage will rise to $13.85 an hour. Other cities will see higher increases, but what does this mean for the direct-care industry — those workers who provide hands-on care to older adults and people with disabilities?
Dec. 27, 2022
The Haven homeless shelter for older adults rendering
Last year, the Central Arizona Shelter Services or CASS served 17,000 seniors. That’s 43% more than the previous year. Which brings us to this story. Located along the I-17 and Northern, the Phoenix Inn is in a dilapidated state. But in a few months time, this space will be transformed.
Dec. 27, 2022
Nursing home outdoor visit
Many long-term care staff and residents in Arizona are skipping the COVID-19 bivalent booster shot.
Dec. 20, 2022
COVID-19 vaccine at pharmacy
Why are some older adults who got the first series of COVID-19 vaccines skipping the updated booster? As KJZZ reported last week, even in nursing homes, where residents were hit hard by the virus, there seems to be little desire to get this latest shot.
Dec. 20, 2022
The U.S. population is aging, and more people than ever are experiencing a natural waning of cognitive function. But a new study suggests two candidates for slowing that decline — exercise and meditation — might not help after all.
Dec. 16, 2022
Caregiver and nursing home resident
There's a lot happening in the aging space both in urban and rural parts of the state. From the upcoming minimum wage hike to recruiting and retention efforts to what Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs might do to support aging services.
Dec. 16, 2022
person holding wine glass
The number of drug and alcohol deaths among people 65 and older is on the rise. It’s a concerning trend, but substance abuse treatment centers are mostly out of reach for older adults on Medicare.
Dec. 14, 2022
Yavapai County is home to some smaller rural communities including Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome and Camp Verde. It’s also home to thousands of older adults who come to the area to retire. But a growing challenge is access to health care.
Dec. 12, 2022
Alcoholic drink
Throughout the pandemic, we reported on the increased use of alcohol and drugs among people 65 and older. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report saying that deaths resulting from these substances are on the rise.
Dec. 12, 2022
Chris Hemsworth Limitless
Recently, actor Chris Hemsworth revealed in his new documentary "Limitless" that he carries two copies of the gene APOE4, putting him at increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. So, what is the impact of learning this genetic information and if everyone should learn their APOE4 status.
Dec. 12, 2022
Caregiver and nursing home resident
Staffing nursing homes continues to be a problem. There just aren’t enough people who want to do that kind of physical and emotional work. Still, there are some signs of progress.
Dec. 6, 2022
Golden Neighbor hosts events to help support older adults
Earlier this year, the city of Chandler launched a new program aimed at supporting older adults. It’s called Golden Neighbors, and it's flourishing — just in time for the holidays.
Dec. 4, 2022


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