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Traffic backed up on Interstate 17
Memorial Day weekend is a big travel holiday. But if you’re planning a trip with a loved one who is living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, it means thinking outside the box.
May. 21, 2024
Doctor explaining medicine dosage to patient at care home
Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is suing to invalidate secrecy clauses in dealings with certain long-term care facilities.
May. 20, 2024
A sign pointing to the emergency department at an Arizona hospital
We know the summer heat is deadly. Last year, 645 people died due to heat-related deaths in Maricopa County. One researcher says that number is likely just the tip.
May. 17, 2024
Stethoscope in a doctor's office.
Arizona is facing a shortage of nurses; and the state could feel the sting of empty positions as early as next year.
May. 13, 2024
Pedicure and foot massage bath
Heat is deadly for older adults experiencing homelessness, which means figuring out ways to cool off this population quickly and safely. Here's what the state’s largest mass shelter is doing to get ready.
May. 13, 2024
Brain scan
Getting an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is difficult even if an individual can access healthcare. For rural Arizonans or those living in underserved areas, that diagnosis might never come. But a new public awareness campaign could change that.
May. 10, 2024
Many cities across the Valley are seeing an increasing number of older individuals becoming homeless. And with summer heat on the way, it’s important to find ways to keep this population safe.
May. 10, 2024
The Haven homeless shelter for older adults rendering
With summer fast approaching, older adults experiencing homelessness will need some kind of housing or temporary shelter. A location in Phoenix is finally opening its doors after a long delay.
May. 9, 2024
a while basket filled with tampons and pads
Period poverty is the lack of access to menstrual products, and it affects millions of girls and women across the U.S. Women for Women Tempe provides bags of pads and tampons to anyone in need, including at places like Gracie's Thrift.
May. 7, 2024
Stethoscope in a doctor's office.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services finalized a rule that bolsters protections for people with disabilities in health care settings.
May. 3, 2024
two people walking down a nursing home hallway
David Grabowski, a professor of health-care policy at Harvard Medical School, talks about the rule and what it means in practice for the nursing homes.
Apr. 30, 2024
 Kris Mayes
Earlier this week, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced that a receiver has been appointed for the Heritage Village assisted living facility in Mesa.
Apr. 26, 2024
Water bottles sit in a large chest full of ice.
Summer isn’t here yet, but at least one organization that supports unhoused people ages 55 or older is already gearing up for our inevitable triple digit heat.
Apr. 26, 2024
person sitting in a dark room
The Biden administration has finalized the first ever minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding — that includes 143 facilities in Arizona.
Apr. 25, 2024
Stethoscope in a doctor's office.
Women over the age of 60 can still experience menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Yet it’s around that age when they may be told to stop hormone therapy. Now a new, large-scale study found that continuing hormone therapy is a reasonable option for some.
Apr. 18, 2024
Refugee CNA students taking notes
Most Americans 65 and older are going to need some form of long term care — either in nursing facilities or as they age in their own homes. But there’s a big shortage of long term care workers. Arizona will need to fill around 190,000 jobs in just a few years. Immigration could be a solution to this growing challenge.
Apr. 11, 2024
Stethoscope on a table.
Nearly a third of Americans don’t have a primary care physician due to an ongoing and worsening provider shortage. For those living in rural parts of the country, it can be even more difficult to access care.
Apr. 10, 2024
Gov. Katie Hobbs, backed by supporters of House Bill 2764, signs the bill into law
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signed legislation Monday meant to hold long-term care facilities accountable for failing to keep residents safe.
Apr. 9, 2024
A sign at Tempe Post Acute
Demand continues to outstrip the supply of home health workers as America ages. An industry official says it can't continue without recruiting more migrants.
Apr. 9, 2024
two people walking down a nursing home hallway
A bill that would set training standards for staff who work at facilities that offer memory care services in Arizona could soon be signed into law.
Apr. 4, 2024


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