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Arizona Supreme Court building
Abortion is currently legal until 15 weeks gestation in Arizona. But a near-total ban on abortions dating back to the Civil War era has never been repealed in the state.
Aug. 23, 2023
Signa Oliver, a retired Army prosecutor, is seen here. She is wearing a t-shirt that displays the American flag and U.S. Army crest. She is standing behind a podium, not facing the camera, and wearing sunglasses as she speaks to a crowd of reporters.
In a protracted stand against abortion, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville has put congressional confirmations for all military promotions on hold. Arizona’s Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said she wants to help Tuberville — a Republican — and President Joe Biden compromise on the issue.
Aug. 22, 2023
Ruben Gallego at the 2022 Arizona Democrats election party
The Show spoke with the Arizona Republic's editorial page editor Elvia Díaz and editorial page columnist Phil Boas on rising campaigns for next year's primary elections.
Aug. 21, 2023
Planned parenthood
The Show spoke with Adrienne Mansanares, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, who says they’ve seen an influx of patients needing abortion care, including many from Arizona.
Aug. 18, 2023
Jen Piatt and Dr. DeShawn Taylor
The abortion landscape in our county and in Arizona has been upended in the last year. What was once a constitutional right was gone overnight — and providers, experts and advocates on both sides have been navigating a new reality ever since.
Aug. 16, 2023
two condoms on a counter
The heat is already making pregnancy much more dangerous. And The 19th health reporter Shefali Luthra says it's also putting contraception at risk.
Aug. 15, 2023
Christine Jones and Aaron Lieberman
Former congressional and gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones and former state lawmaker Aaron Lieberman joined The Show to talk about this week’s headlines — including the new ballot measure aiming at adding abortion rights to the state Constitution, President Joe Biden visiting Arizona and more.
Aug. 11, 2023
yes and no bubbles on a ballot
A coalition including the ACLU, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona and NARAL Arizona is launching a new political action committee to get abortion rights onto Arizona ballots in 2024.
Aug. 8, 2023
Supreme Court abortion rights protest
The Show sat down with two experts on the topic of feminism and what it looks like today in a post-Roe, post-#MeToo and gender-fluid world.
Jul. 18, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs told 12 county attorneys late Friday she is on legally solid ground in rejecting their request that she rescind her executive order stripping them of their authority to prosecute abortion cases. And that now leaves it up to the prosecutors to determine what, if anything, they will do next.
Jul. 7, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Twelve county attorneys are asking Gov. Katie Hobbs to rescind the executive order that moves the power to prosecute abortions exclusively to the attorney general.
Jul. 4, 2023
Kris Mayes
Last month, Gov. Katie Hobbs issued an executive order removing the power to prosecute abortions from county attorneys and gave that solely to the attorney general.
Jul. 3, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Paul Bentz of HighGround and Stacy Pearson of Lumen Strategies joined The Show to talk about how a series of executive orders from Gov. Katie Hobbs is changing the conversation as we approach the 2024 election, plus more of the week’s headlines.
Jun. 30, 2023
Rachel Mitchell
Amid backlash from conservative lawmakers against a recent executive order giving certain powers of prosecution to the Arizona Attorney General, another voice has joined the fray.
Jun. 28, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Last week, Gov. Katie Hobbs signed an executive order to strip county attorneys of the power to prosecute abortions. In response, three Republican senators are halting all hearings to confirm Hobbs’ nominees to lead state agencies.
Jun. 28, 2023
Kris Mayes
The Show spoke with Attorney General Kris Mayes about the executive order Gov. Katie Hobbs signed that centralizes authority over abortion-related prosecutions in the Attorney General’s Office.
Jun. 27, 2023
At the State Capitol, a sign reads: Bans off our bodies. "Our" is underlined.
Shefali Luthra, health reporter for The 19th, who has been covering the topic from all angle, joined The Show to talk more about the one-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade being overturned.
Jun. 26, 2023
Planned parenthood
A year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, patients seeking abortions in Arizona are facing longer wait times and added barriers for appointments, according to Planned Parenthood Arizona, the state’s largest abortion provider.
Jun. 22, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs is joining Democrats in Phoenix and Tucson on Thursday to announce a measure they plan to introduce in the Arizona Legislature next year. It’s called the Arizona Right to Contraception Act.
Jun. 22, 2023
Kris Mayes
Last week, Attorney General Kris Mayes joined 23 states and Washington, D.C., in a letter supporting stronger protections for patients’ reproductive health information.
Jun. 20, 2023


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