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Phoenix students perseverance leads to solar project at Brophy Prep
Some Brophy College Preparatory students will leave a lasting legacy on their high school campus in Phoenix.
California rejects $1.4 billion water desalination plant
Plans to build a new desalination plant in Southern California were rejected after more than 20 years of debate. The decision has implications for the future of the Colorado River.
May. 18, 2022
Agency removes cap on endangered wolf population
In keeping with a 2018 court ruling, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will remove the population cap on wild Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest. But many conservation groups say the plan doesn’t go far enough – or set the right goals.
May. 13, 2022
UN drought report: Serious action needed to avoid bleak future
A 29% rise in the number and duration of droughts since the year 2000 has brought the world to “a crossroads.” So says a report by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, which calls for urgent action, “using every tool we can.”
May. 12, 2022
Scottsdale seeks public input for city’s 1st sustainability plan
Scottsdale is working on its first sustainability plan and will host two workshops next week to provide an overview of sustainability and hear from residents.
May. 10, 2022
Author explores ways for humans and animals to get along
Humans and animals have coexisted for centuries, but a new book looks to explore ways we could make our environment a bit more friendly for animals.
May. 10, 2022
Phoenix budget talks include hiring challenges, electric vehicles
As the Phoenix City Council prepares to approve a new budget to start in July, some members are already looking ahead to the next year.
May. 3, 2022
Dancing With The Universe | Native Style debuts this weekend
"Dancing With The Universe | Native Style” is a new Indigenous theatrical work debuting this weekend at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. The themes present in the songs and dances are centered on connecting to nature.
May. 3, 2022
Ask experts questions about Arizona
Join KJZZ and a panel of experts for a discussion on the future of water in Arizona. Have a question for our panelists? Email it to [email protected]
May. 3, 2022
EPA could OK pesticide that might be bad for bees
The federal government is expected later this year to make a decision on whether to continue to allow the use of a type of insecticide for another 15 years. Critics worry about this class of pesticide and the effect it has on the overall ecology — including on pollinators.
May. 2, 2022
Flagstaff using emergency measures to avoid repeat floods near previous fires
The city of Flagstaff is working with Coconino County and the Flood Control District to avoid repeat flooding in the burn scar area of 2019’s Museum Fire.
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Apr. 29, 2022
Phoenixs summer heat response plan includes a new homeless shelter, water for hikers
The Phoenix City Council recently approved a heat response plan for this summer. For the first time, staff from the city’s homeless services program will join volunteers as they pass out water and maps to cooling centers.
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Apr. 24, 2022
SRP explores cleaner options for a coal power plant
SRP plans to close its Coronado Generating Station in eastern Arizona no later than 2032. The utility has ambitious goals for reducing its carbon footprint and will launch a number of studies on how to shutter the plant with little economic impact. .
Apr. 27, 2022
How placement of private land makes public areas inaccessible
Dating back to the earliest days of western expansion in the U.S. is a collection of checkerboard patterns that divide public lands from private lands.
Apr. 27, 2022
Arizona wildflowers worst enemy is invasive species like stinknet
Arizona's desert conditions aren't friendly to many flowers and plants — and that goes for invasive species, too. One of the worst is a winter annual growth called stinknet.
Apr. 21, 2022
Al Gore optimistic on climate change in ASU virtual talk
With Earth Day approaching, a group of academics gathered at Arizona State University for a virtual and in-person conference on climate change and democracy.
Apr. 20, 2022
As northern reservoirs drop, central AZ reservoirs are 72% full
Falling levels in northern Arizona reservoirs have raised concerns about the state’s water supply during the ongoing drought. But other sources of water supplying metro Phoenix are at healthier levels.
Apr. 19, 2022
The Desertification Cookbook brings new life to a dry wasteland
As talks of climate change continue, more and more land around the world is turning into desert. But artists from Desert ArtLAB have started a project combatting — and even re-envisioning — this: The Desertification Cookbook.
Apr. 19, 2022
Its peak wildflower season. Heres why the Arizona desert has so many
Even as temperatures in the Valley are climbing into the 90s, this remains one of the most beautiful times of year here. In large part, that’s because of the varieties of wildflowers that have emerged with gorgeous, bright colors that create such a unique landscape.
Apr. 18, 2022
Boas: Powell water cuts necessary, dont solve anything
The water challenges of the western U.S. were elevated last week when the Interior Department announced the possibility of implementing emergency cutbacks in the attempt to keep more water in Lake Powell, which has seen its levels sink to troublesome levels.
Apr. 18, 2022
ASU Art Museum spotlights changing relationship with the planet
Earthworks is a genre of art that dawned in the 1960s. Artists left institutions to work directly on the land, their work shedding light on our relationship with the planet. Now, the ASU Art Museum is looking at that relationship through a contemporary lens.
Apr. 18, 2022