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Colorado City Loses Appeal On FLDS Discrimination Case Sarah Ventre Aug. 27, 2019
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New Police Chief To Take Over Colorado City Marshal's Office Sarah Ventre May 25, 2018
Big Changes Keep Coming To City On Utah-Arizona Border Sarah Ventre, Mark Brodie May 17, 2018
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The Quiz Show: When Tech Goes Rogue Sarah Ventre March 12, 2018
Live From Here's Chris Thile On The Power Of Musical Connection Sarah Ventre March 7, 2018
Group Of Hildale, Utah, Employees Resign Sarah Ventre Feb. 12, 2018
It's Aliiiiiive! Celebrating The 200th Anniversary Of 'Frankenstein' Steve Goldstein, Sarah Ventre Feb. 9, 2018
Untold Arizona: Dateland Is Home To More Than Just Date Shakes Sarah Ventre Feb. 6, 2018
Arizona Republic Film Critic Discusses Oscar Nominations Sarah Ventre Jan. 23, 2018
Nanami Ozone Kaely Monahan, Steve Goldstein, Sarah Ventre Jan. 5, 2018
The Blood Feud Family Singers Sarah Ventre, Mark Brodie Dec. 14, 2017
Lyle Jeffs Sentenced For Role In Food Stamp Fraud Sarah Ventre Dec. 13, 2017
What's Next For Short Creek? Sarah Ventre, Steve Goldstein Dec. 13, 2017
Short Creek: Beyond FLDS Sarah Ventre Nov. 13, 2017
Election Night Brings Change To Town Once Dominated By FLDS Sarah Ventre Nov. 8, 2017
Community Known For FLDS Church Braces For Potentially Historic Election Sarah Ventre, Jorge Valencia Nov. 7, 2017
How Are Residents Impacted When Communities Shift? Carrie Jung, Sarah Ventre Nov. 3, 2017
The SunPunchers Sarah Ventre, Steve Goldstein Oct. 19, 2017
Remembering Iconic Musician Tom Petty Sarah Ventre Oct. 3, 2017