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Title Author(s) Publication Date
ASU Gets Grant To Provide COVID-19 Tests To Minority Communities Nicholas Gerbis Oct. 4, 2020
Study Shows Promise For Stemming Tide Of Food Waste Nicholas Gerbis Oct. 5, 2020
CDC: More Than 275K Known Cases Of COVID-19 In Kids Since March Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 28, 2020
Study: Massive Global Effort Needed to Reduce Plastic Pollution By 2030 Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 28, 2020
For Some Scientists, Shutdown Is Not An Option During Pandemic Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 24, 2020
Blood Study Suggests U.S. Far From Herd Immunity Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 21, 2020
AZ Team: COVID-19 Did Not Spread In State Until Mid-February Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 15, 2020
Hidden Hurdles Of Coronavirus Vaccine Race Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 16, 2020
Expert: Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Pause Is Normal Part Of Process Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 11, 2020
Will Coronavirus Efforts Reduce Flu Shot Supplies? Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 9, 2020
Sky Harbor Program Uses UV Light To Sanitize Escalators Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 3, 2020
Helping 'Long-Haulers' Means Studying Other Post-Viral Syndromes Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 3, 2020
Buildings Reopening May Face Tainted Water Systems Nicholas Gerbis Sept. 1, 2020
Climate Change Could Worsen Tree Recovery After Fires Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 31, 2020
What Happens When Flu Collides With COVID-19? Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 27, 2020
UA Launches NSF-Funded Center For Quantum Networks Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 26, 2020
CDC: COVID-19 3.5 Times As Prevalent Among Native Americans Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 24, 2020
Peak Demand And The Arizona Power Grid 101 Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 20, 2020
Expert: It's Too Soon To Open Bars, Relax Precautions Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 19, 2020
Some Musical Instruments Could Help Spread COVID-19 Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 18, 2020
Q&AZ: Are Cicadas Different In Prescott? Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 17, 2020
Improving Arizona COVID-19 Trends Could Drive Testing Declines, Complacency Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 12, 2020
TGen Dolphin Study Offers Clues To Human Aging Nicholas Gerbis Aug. 11, 2020
Mild Hurricane Season Contributes To AZ Heat Wave Nicholas Gerbis July 31, 2020
Moderna Includes AZ In Expanded Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Nicholas Gerbis July 28, 2020