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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Webb Telescope will release 1st images July 12 Nicholas Gerbis June 29, 2022
How changes to school lunch menus could help the planet Nicholas Gerbis June 27, 2022
PCMag says Phoenix has the slowest mobile upload speeds Nicholas Gerbis June 24, 2022
How electrocuted birds cause wildfires Nicholas Gerbis June 27, 2022
Largest study to date finds long COVID-19 in kids 14 and under Nicholas Gerbis June 23, 2022
Some dams might worsen flooding Nicholas Gerbis June 20, 2022
Omicron might be less likely to cause long COVID Nicholas Gerbis June 20, 2022
How effective are cooling centers in Maricopa and Yuma counties? Nicholas Gerbis June 16, 2022
AZ health department says to watch out for algae blooms this summer Nicholas Gerbis June 1, 2022
Pollution deaths break even, but causes shift Nicholas Gerbis May 23, 2022
Paper: It's time to extend ethical standards to Indigenous microbiome research Nicholas Gerbis May 20, 2022
Agency removes cap on endangered wolf population Nicholas Gerbis May 16, 2022
UN drought report: Serious action needed to avoid bleak future Nicholas Gerbis May 12, 2022
Modern H1N1 flu might descend from 1918 pandemic Nicholas Gerbis May 12, 2022
New rabies variant found in New Mexico Nicholas Gerbis May 11, 2022
New clues as to when and why hooved mammals began to migrate Nicholas Gerbis May 9, 2022
Star study shines new light on old stars, black holes Nicholas Gerbis May 9, 2022
New clue in search for Parkinson's disease treatments Nicholas Gerbis May 5, 2022
Moral injury drains the medical community and further imperils post-COVID-19 recovery Nicholas Gerbis May 5, 2022
African countries unite to expand space industry Nicholas Gerbis April 25, 2022
Vaccination rates in kindergarteners dropped last year Nicholas Gerbis April 21, 2022
Vaccine kept children out of hospitals during omicron Nicholas Gerbis April 20, 2022
C. diff can spread silently outside of hospitals Nicholas Gerbis April 18, 2022
Study: Climate change will harm most cactus species Nicholas Gerbis April 15, 2022
Study: How Colombia can balance conservation and development Nicholas Gerbis April 14, 2022