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Senior Field Correspondent

Ben Giles is a senior field correspondent at KJZZ. He was previously a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, where he spent more than six years covering the Arizona Senate and the Governor’s Office, as well as state and federal elections. Before that, he was a reporter for the Washington Examiner, where he covered the Maryland Legislature, crime and various news beats in the Washington, D.C., metro region.

Giles lives in Phoenix with his wife and dog children, Dixie and Doris. In his free time, Giles is probably working on a never-ending list of home improvement projects.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Rogers' Ex-Assistant Sues State For Wrongful Termination Ben Giles March 4, 2021
Senate Republicans Alter Demand For 2.1M Maricopa County Ballots Ben Giles March 2, 2021
Arizona Legislative Hearings Have Gone Digital, With 2 Exceptions Ben Giles March 2, 2021
Zoom Gives Arizonans A Voice At The Capitol, But Requesting To Speak Isn't So Simple Ben Giles March 1, 2021
Judge Rules Senate GOP Subpoena Of 2.1M Ballots Is Valid, Enforceable Ben Giles Feb. 26, 2021
Activists Re-Up Demand For Audit Of GOP Party Election Ben Giles Feb. 25, 2021
GOP Senators Revive Bill To Purge AZ's Early Voting List Ben Giles Feb. 24, 2021
Latest Audits Dispel Rumors About Maricopa County Election Process Ben Giles Feb. 23, 2021
AG: Ducey Could Declare New Emergency If Lawmakers End Current One Ben Giles Feb. 19, 2021
GOP Lawmakers Move To Ban Private Funds For Election Operations Ben Giles Feb. 19, 2021
Arizona Senate Republicans Pass Subpoena Insurance Policy Ben Giles Feb. 19, 2021
Senator Accuses Fellow Republican Of Seeking Political Payback Ben Giles, Mark Brodie Feb. 16, 2021
More Than 10K Republican Voters In Maricopa County Have Left Party Since Jan. 6 Ben Giles Feb. 16, 2021
Census Delays Could Impact 2022 Arizona Elections Ben Giles Feb. 12, 2021
Arizona Senate Contempt Vote In Election Fight With Maricopa County Board Fails Steve Goldstein, Ben Giles
Associated Press
Feb. 8, 2021
County Supervisors Ask Judge To Quash Subpoena Ben Giles Feb. 5, 2021
Committee Will Investigate Complaint Against Sen. Rogers Ben Giles Feb. 4, 2021
17 AZ GOP Lawmakers Demand Ward Audit Party's Leadership Election Ben Giles Feb. 4, 2021
Senate Republicans Support Resolution To Arrest County Supervisors For Contempt Ben Giles, Steve Goldstein Feb. 3, 2021
Maricopa County Supervisors Reject Senate's Latest Demand For Voting Records Ben Giles Feb. 2, 2021
Arizona Republicans Push For Changes To Oversight Of Election Procedures Ben Giles Feb. 1, 2021
Rogers Denies Ethics Complaint Allegations Ben Giles Feb. 1, 2021
AZ Rep. Teller Resigns To Join Biden Administration Ben Giles Feb. 1, 2021
Ward Dismisses Calls For Audit Of GOP's Own Election Ben Giles Jan. 29, 2021
GOP Lawmaker Wants Power To Override Presidential Election Results Ben Giles Jan. 29, 2021