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Ben Giles is a senior editor at KJZZ. He was previously a senior field correspondent specializing in political coverage. Before that, Giles spent six years as a reporter at the Arizona Capitol Times, where he covered the Arizona state Senate, the Governor’s Office, and state and federal elections.

Giles came to Arizona by way of Washington, D.C., where he reported on the Maryland Legislature, crime and various news beats in the metro region for the Washington Examiner.

Giles lives in Phoenix with his wife and three dogs. In his free time, he’s probably chipping away at a never-ending list of home improvement projects.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Out-Of-Town State Lawmakers Get Boost In Per Diem Mark Brodie, Ben Giles July 14, 2021
Board Approves Restrictions On Camelback, Piestewa Trails During Extreme Heat Jill Ryan, Ben Giles, Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie
Associated Press
July 14, 2021
Firefighters Union Wants Two Trails Closed On Hot Days Ben Giles July 12, 2021
Gov. Doug Ducey Signs $12.8 Billion Arizona Budget Ben Giles June 30, 2021
Maricopa County Won't Reuse Voting Equipment Subpoenaed By Senate Republicans For Audit Ben Giles June 28, 2021
CEO leading Arizona Senate's election audit appears in conspiracy film Ben Giles June 28, 2021
Republicans Say Arizonans Will Praise A Tax Cut. Public School Advocates Disagree Ben Giles, Rocio Hernandez June 24, 2021
Senate Republicans Pack Budget With Changes To AZ Election Laws Ben Giles June 23, 2021
Arizona Senate Passes Budget, Tax Cut After House Dems Walk Ben Giles, Mark Brodie, Katherine Davis-Young
Associated Press
June 23, 2021
House Democrats Block Vote On GOP-Backed Budget Ben Giles June 22, 2021
Recall Effort Against House Speaker Bowers Fails Ben Giles June 18, 2021
AZ Audit Hand Recount Set To End At Veterans Memorial Coliseum Lauren Gilger, Steve Goldstein, Ben Giles June 17, 2021
In Budget Stalemate, Arizona Republicans Struggle With Reality Of One-Vote Majorities Ben Giles June 10, 2021
Republicans From Alaska, Georgia Tour Audit Site Ben Giles June 8, 2021
After Pennsylvania, Republicans From Nevada And Georgia Head To Tour Arizona's Election Audit Ben Giles June 7, 2021
Flat-Tax Proposal Fails In Arizona House Ben Giles June 7, 2021
AZ Lawmakers Continue Budget Standoff, Audit Tally Ben Giles, Lauren Gilger June 3, 2021
PA Lawmakers Want To Import AZ-Style Election Audit Ben Giles June 2, 2021
Pennsylvania State Lawmakers To Tour Senate GOP's Election Audit Ben Giles June 1, 2021
AZ Senate's Controversial Election Recount Halfway Complete Ben Giles June 1, 2021
Former Fox 10 Anchor Kari Lake Running For Governor Ben Giles June 1, 2021
Arizona Education Advocates Fear GOP Tax Cut Sets Back Progress Made Through Proposition 208 Ben Giles, Rocio Hernandez June 1, 2021
Senate Republicans Scuttle Plans For Thursday Budget Vote Ben Giles May 27, 2021
Pennsylvania IT Company Backs Out Of Senate Audit Ben Giles May 25, 2021
Senate GOP's 2020 Election Audit Resumes Amid Controversy Ben Giles May 25, 2021