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What cuts to Colorado River water could mean for Arizonans Steve Goldstein April 14, 2022
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How Ducey's recent measures could amp up voters on both sides Steve Goldstein April 8, 2022
Russian-American journalist: Putin believes he is fighting a war with the U.S. Steve Goldstein April 7, 2022
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How Sonoran dog became Southwest comfort food staple Steve Goldstein April 6, 2022
This group says the Phoenix Zoo should give up its last elephant Steve Goldstein April 5, 2022
Boas: Murders of journalists threaten democracy in Mexico Steve Goldstein April 4, 2022
NewsCap: How new voter ID law could swing an election Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie April 1, 2022
Navajo Nation keeps emergency declaration as experts watch BA.2 variant Steve Goldstein April 1, 2022
NAACP: Banking industry rife with incidents of financial racism Steve Goldstein March 31, 2022
How can we fix the immigration conversation? This advocate says stop blaming the immigrants Steve Goldstein March 31, 2022
Love letters from buyers could open the door for housing discrimination Steve Goldstein March 30, 2022
FDA approves 2nd COVID booster for those 50+ as federal funds to expire Steve Goldstein March 30, 2022
Theater Works launches series for adults starting with 'The Superhero Ultraferno' Steve Goldstein March 25, 2022
Record NFL contract sends 'horrible message' on sexual assault Steve Goldstein March 24, 2022
Why Arizona cities can't afford to push back on state laws Steve Goldstein March 23, 2022
Coyotes' arena plans panned by NHL players, partners Steve Goldstein March 22, 2022
Boas: Lia Thomas' teammates can't speak; that's a problem for everyone Steve Goldstein March 21, 2022
NewsCap: What would happen if AZ ended mail-in voting Steve Goldstein, Lauren Gilger March 18, 2022