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TSMC and the union building its Phoenix plant have come to an agreement
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, known as TSMC, and the union representing workers helping to build the massive chip manufacturing facility last week announced they’d reached a deal. It covers issues ranging from safety to training, and aims to help the sides work together, after some ongoing disputes.
Dec. 12, 2023
UN issues report on how finance influences climate, land, biodiversity
The United Nations Environmental Program has released a report examining investments, subsidies and other financial transactions that can affect nature.
Dec. 12, 2023
Seniors using Medicare Part D overpaying for prescriptions, study says
Medicare is meant to keep healthcare affordable for seniors. But new evidence suggests Part D participants are overpaying for drugs because private insurers are artificially inflating costs.
Dec. 11, 2023
Racial groups still underrepresented in cancer trials
Racial and ethnic underrepresentation remains widespread in clinical studies. Now, a new paper take a fresh look at how the problem affects research into gynecologic cancers, which affect more than 25,000 Arizonans.
Dec. 11, 2023
$9M for Indigenous-led Tribal Data Repository at ASU
An NIH program launched three years ago to improve COVID diagnostics has awarded $9 million to support the first Indigenous-led Tribal Data Repository in the U.S. ASU will play a key role in tribal community engagement.
Dec. 7, 2023
First light for ASU-led Psyche mission
The ASU-led mission to the metal-rich asteroid Psyche passed a key milestone this week: The university’s imager captured its first pictures – a moment known as “first light.” The test of the dual-camera instrument is the latest in a series of successful data and sensor checks.
Dec. 6, 2023
Many started as Christmas trees. Now the Valleys big Aleppo pines are in decline
Some of the tall Aleppo pines dotting the Valley today started as live Christmas trees that residents planted in their yards in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Now thanks to heat, drought, age and landscaping changes, many of these trees are coming down.
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Dec. 6, 2023
2 AZ hospitals receive top rankings for maternity care
Maternity programs at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix and TMC Healthcare in Tucson were both ranked “high performing" in an analysis by U.S. News and World Report.
Dec. 5, 2023
In the age of loneliness — invite everyone
The Show spoke with Hannah Seo, a freelance science journalist, about why she thinks you should include everyone into your holiday festivities.
Dec. 5, 2023
Study: Wildfires may overwhelm air quality gains in West
After half a century of efforts to clean up air quality in the U.S., new research finds the toll from wildfires may be overwhelming health gains in the West.
Dec. 4, 2023
2023 set to be the hottest year on record
Much of the warming was experienced in an El Niño pattern that is set to continue into the new year.
Dec. 4, 2023
There may be way more lithium underneath Salton Sea than we thought
New data from federal scientists suggests there may be way more lithium underneath the Salton Sea in Southern California than previously thought.
Dec. 4, 2023
Doctor talks about helping women connect with their intimate anatomy
Many of Dr. Debra Wickman's patients come to her because of pain.
Dec. 4, 2023
BLM ends cyanide bomb coyote kill program
The U.S. government is halting a long disputed method of killing coyotes in the Southwest using so-called "cyanide bombs."
Dec. 4, 2023
Crypto mining guzzles a truckload of water per transaction
Most studies of cryptocurrency’s environmental impact focus on power generation. But new calculations reveal a staggering and growing impact on water usage as well.
Dec. 4, 2023
An astronomical waltz reveals a sextuplet of planets
Scientists have discovered six planets moving in harmonic rhythm around a bright star 100 light years away. Numerous satellites and telescopes contributed to the research, including the F. L. Whipple Observatory atop Mount Hopkins in southern Arizona.
Dec. 4, 2023
AZ Humane Society: Zero reported cases in state of mystery dog illness
Dogs in over a dozen states have been diagnosed with a respiratory illness, and no one knows much about it. Symptoms of the illness include lethargy, loss of appetite and coughing.
Dec. 1, 2023
In insects, which came first: the stinger or the venom?
While arachnids like scorpions often steal the spotlight, Arizona is home to many stinging insects as well, including honey bees, velvet ants and tarantula hawks. But which came first: The stinger or the venom? A new paper might have the answer.
Dec. 1, 2023
UA scientists find life ingredient phosphorus in galaxys outskirts
A handful of elements are considered vital for life. Now UA researchers have found one of them – phosphorus – in a surprising location: the far fringes of our Milky Way galaxy. The discovery could transform our understanding of how the element forms and where we should look for life.
Dec. 1, 2023
Controlled burns scheduled near Tonto National Forest, Fredonia and Munds Park
Even as climate change warms the Sonoran Desert, Valley residents can look forward to cooler temperatures during the holidays. The season also marks the arrival of prescribed burns in the Arizona high country.
Nov. 29, 2023