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Former county supervisor disturbed by comments during election canvass meeting
Former Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri said he was disturbed by transcripts of comments expressed during the county’s election canvass meeting held Monday.
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9 hours ago
Phoenix will hold a runoff election for 2 City Council districts
Phoenix will hold a runoff election in March to fill two council seats — one in District 6 and one in District 8 — because no candidate received more than 50% of the vote.
Judge tosses Hamadeh suit to have himself declared AG
A judge on Tuesday tossed out Abe Hamadeh's legal bid to have himself declared the winner in the race for attorney general.
They were an elite womens unit of the Afghan military. Now theyre fighting to stay in the U.S.
Tens of thousands of Afghans were evacuated from their country after U.S. troops withdrew and Taliban forces took control last year, including members of an all-women tactical unit of the Afghan military. Some are safe in Tempe now, safe, but also stuck in limbo.
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Nov. 2, 2022
Environmentalists raise more concerns about shipping containers
As Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's shipping container wall continues to advance along a stretch of border on Coronado National Forest land in Cochise County, conservationists monitoring wildlife are expecting the worst.
Nov. 1, 2022
Advocates hope for progress in congressional bill to protect Afghans
U.S. lawmakers introduced the Afghan Adjustment Act to provide a pathway to permanent status for some 80,000 Afghans evacuated from their country last fall.
Nov. 1, 2022
Maricopa County voters should mail early ballots by Tuesday
More than 1.9 million voters in Maricopa County requested early ballots for the Nov. 8 election. County elections officials say those ballots should be mailed no later than Tuesday.
Oct. 31, 2022
Poll: Most Arizona races too close to call before election
Arizona’s election races are close up and down the ballot, according to the newest and last poll of likely voters before the election from OH Predictive Insights. The firm polled 600 people last week, through calls and texts.
Oct. 31, 2022
Brnovich calls claims of rampant voter fraud bogus
Over the last two years, false claims alleging rampant election fraud in Arizona led to an audit of the results in Maricopa County and have dominated GOP campaign trails.
Oct. 31, 2022
How Arizona candidates should be talking to Latino voters
A poll released earlier this election season found the most important issues to Latino voters in Arizona were inflation, crime and gun violence and jobs. And how candidates and campaigns reach out to this group of voters can be critical to their success at the polls.
Oct. 31, 2022
BBC Look-Ahead: 2 U.S. citizens among those killed in Seoul Halloween crush
At least two U.S. citizens have been identified among those killed in a crowd crush in South Korea over the weekend.
Oct. 31, 2022
Elvia Díaz: Props. 128, 129 and 132 are a legislative power grab
There is quite a long list of propositions on the ballot this November — 10 in all. But, unlike most propositions, which come from citizen initiatives, three of them this time around were referred to the ballot by the Legislature — and they’re aimed at the initiative process itself.
Oct. 31, 2022
New AZ law brings possibility of automatic recounts during 2022 election
More automatic recounts of ballots may occur during the November election as a result of a state bill passed in May.
Oct. 31, 2022
The number of LGBTQ voters is projected to increase dramatically. What does that mean for Arizona?
The number of LGBTQ voters in Arizona is projected to dramatically increase in the coming years, according to a new report. This shift is also happening nationally, and it could reshape the electoral landscape.
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Oct. 31, 2022
More Arizona Republican leaders are throwing their support behind Prop. 308
A growing number of Republican leaders are throwing their support behind a ballot proposition that would open in-state tuition to undocumented students in Arizona.
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Oct. 29, 2022
Group can monitor Arizona ballot drop boxes, judge rules
A federal judge Friday refused to bar a group from monitoring outdoor ballot boxes in Arizona’s largest county where watchers have shown up armed and in ballistic vests, saying to do so could violate the monitors' constitutional rights.
Oct. 28, 2022
Navajo, Tohono O’odham tribes will get $17M for high-speed internet
On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it would spend $759 million to provide high-speed internet access to rural communities across the country. The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and Tohono O’odham Utility Authority in Arizona will receive more than $17 million in grant funding.
Oct. 29, 2022
NewsCap: Drop box vigilantes are the result of years of conspiracy theories
Acts of voter intimidation and harassment have been reported all across the state. And there's confusion over how Cochise County intends to follow state law in its ballot-counting efforts.
Oct. 28, 2022
Clean Elections Commission: Group watching boxes causing confusion
The Citizens Clean Elections Commission in Arizona is a nonpartisan group established to help ensure election integrity. However, a grassroots national organization that has had members monitoring drop boxes following unfounded conspiracies of ballot harvesting is operating under a similar name: Clean Elections USA.
Oct. 27, 2022
Gosar wants AZ to host talks between Russia, Ukraine
A U.S. Congressman thinks Russia and Ukraine can agree to peace if their presidents come talk things over in Arizona.
Oct. 27, 2022
Arizona is suing to keep shipping containers at the border
The state of Arizona has sued the federal government to be able to keep more than 100 double-stacked shipping containers that Republican Gov. Doug Ducey had placed to fill in gaps along the U.S.-Mexico border near the southwestern desert community of Yuma.
Oct. 27, 2022
Cochise County says it will follow law in ballot counting
Cochise County is now reassuring the state that it intends to follow state law after greenlighting a full hand count of its ballots. But just how they plan to do that and comply with state law remains unclear.
Oct. 27, 2022
Former AZ lawmaker sees more meanness, less empathy in todays politics
As Election Day gets ever closer, the number of TV and digital ads, mailers and other evidence of campaigns nearing the finish line is on the rise. And a lot of that rhetoric can be pretty stark.
Oct. 27, 2022