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3 leaders from Ukraine visit Arizona with a message: War effort supports your economy
The sense of urgency behind a bill to fund the Ukraine war effort is reverberating all the way here to Arizona, where three members of the Ukrainian Parliament visited this month.
5 hours ago
The state Supreme Court will decide whether nearly all abortions are illegal in Arizona with only six justices. And that leads to the possibility of a 3-to-3 tie.
27 minutes ago
Marcus Dell’Artino of First Strategic and former state lawmaker Aaron Lieberman joined The Show top talk about the closing of a key border crossing in Arizona, the decision to not replace an Arizona Supreme Court justice who’s recusing himself over abortion laws and more news of the week.
2 hours ago
Derek Chauvin was stabbed nearly two dozen times in the law library at a federal prison in Arizona. Larry Nassar was knifed repeatedly in his cell at a federal penitentiary in Florida.
7 hours ago
The chairman of the All Pueblo Council of Governors, who represents 20 sovereign Pueblo Nations in New Mexico and Texas, attended this week's third annual White House Tribal Nations Summit, thanking President Joe Biden and his administration for gifting his communities “a seat at the table.”
2 hours ago
After initially agreeing to cooperate with with a sweeping federal investigation launched 28 months ago into the Police Department, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association wants the city’s mayor to reject a court-enforced reform agreement.
6 hours ago
A proposal by Gov. Katie Hobbs’ bipartisan educator retention task force to lower health-insurance costs for teachers could find support in the Republican-controlled Legislature.
The Show spoke with Daisy Zavala Magaña with the Nogales International about the Lukeville Port of Entry closure.
This week, Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton announced that ADOT will receive a $500,000 grant to help support efforts to re-establish daily passenger rail service between Phoenix and Tucson.
Since 2020, the state of Arizona has repeatedly missed deadlines to file required financial audit reports detailing how state agencies use federal funds, and continued delays could have serious financial implications for the state.
Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva criticized Republicans in the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources on Wednesday as they prepared to take up a number of energy bills.
The Phoenix city council approved a multimillion dollar settlement with a man who claims he was injured by police in January 2020 after officers wrongly identified him as a crime suspect. The payout comes as a large police union is publicly urging the mayor to reject an expected demand for reform by the U.S. Justice Department.
Ten people were indicted by a grand jury on felony charges including patient brokering following a sober-living homes sting operation, the Attorney General’s office announced on Wednesday.
The GOSAFE Act, co-sponsored by Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, would establish a list of prohibited firearms and limit the capacity of detachable magazines to 10 rounds, as well as prohibit the manufacture and assembly of "ghost guns."
The Ethics Committee at the Arizona House of Representatives will hold a hearing later this month to investigate an ethics complaint filed against West Valley lawmaker Leezah Sun.
The Show spoke with Hector Vazquez, the general manager of Las Palomas Resort in Rocky Point, about how the closure of the Lukeville Port of Entry and how it is affecting his business.
Debate continues over tying military aid to border asylum restrictions
Lawmakers in Congress are still mulling over a deal that could tie President Joe Biden's foreign military aid package requests to a bill that would restrict asylum processing at the border.
Massive backlog is keeping young migrants on special visa in legal limbo, report says
There’s a growing backlog of young immigrants on a special protective status who are trying to get residency in the U.S. That backlog is detailed in a new report by the legal aid group National Immigration Project.
Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Education Retention Task Force released its final recommendations for keeping qualified teachers in Arizona on Tuesday. The No. 1 suggestion was to pay them more money, but the funding source remains unclear.
While speaking to the press Monday morning, Gov. Katie Hobbs criticized a legislative committee charged with providing oversight and accountability to the state’s expanded school voucher program.
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will lie in repose for the public to pay their respects on Monday, Dec. 18, in the Great Hall of the U.S. Supreme Court, the court announced on Tuesday.