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Report: More Migrants Are Crossing Border; 4 Out Of 10 Are Mexican
Migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border are surging again, and Mexican nationals are accounting for a greater share of those detentions.
Mexico And The U.S. Face Vaccination Disparity
Almost half of the U.S. population vaccinated with at least one dose, compared to only 7% of Mexico’s population. And there are reasons and implications of the disparity.
Apr. 5, 2021
Mexico Opens César Chávez Institute To Promote Spanish In U.S., Canada
In 2019, a mass shooter at an El Paso Walmart specifically targeted Latinos, sending shock waves throughout the continent. As part of its response, the Mexican government launched a project to empower its citizens and Hispanics across North America through language. The project has now turned into an institute.
Apr. 2, 2021
Mexico Health Care Workers Demand To Get Vaccinated
Medical personnel in Mexico are demanding the government keep its promise to prioritize coronavirus vaccinations for health care workers. Hundreds of doctors, most of them from the private sector, are protesting in Mexico City and preparing lawsuits, as they try to get vaccinated.
Apr. 2, 2021
State Department’s Report Alerts On Mexico’s Impunity Levels, Attacks To The Press
The State Department recently published an annual report on human rights, which points to a variety of issues in Mexico. The report cites high levels of impunity, attacks on human rights defenders and the media, as well as low rates of prosecution. Mexico’s president is questioning the State Department’s motives.
Apr. 1, 2021
Tensions At Mexico-Guatemala Border After Shooting
Mexico has been facing accusations from human rights activists since the current administration beefed up military presence on the Guatemalan border. And new tensions flared in the area this week after a soldier shot and killed a Guatemalan citizen.
Apr. 1, 2021
Public Outrage In Mexico After Immigrant Woman Killed By Police
A police custody death in the Mexican Caribbean coast on Saturday resembling the George Floyd case is generating public outrage and concern among human rights activists. The death of a migrant woman is being considered a result of police brutality.
Mar. 29, 2021
Data: COVID-19 Deaths In Mexico Higher Than Reported
The data would place Mexico as the country with the second-highest number of deaths after the U.S.
Mar. 29, 2021
In Mexico City, The Fight For Women’s Rights Follows A Tampon Ban
Mexico City has been a progressive leader for women’s rights. But now issues surrounding access to female sanitary products are stirring a tug-of-war between businesses, feminists, environmentalists and the government.
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Mar. 26, 2021
Thousands Of Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive In Mexico
Mexico’s COVID-19 vaccinations are lagging far behind the pace in the U.S. And a new problem has erupted: fake vaccines from the black market, which have already been provided to hundreds of people.
Mar. 25, 2021
U.S., Mexico Officials Meet To Discuss Central American Migration
High-ranking officials from the Biden administration visited Mexico this week to discuss cooperation on immigration issues. The visit comes amid negotiations between the two nations on the pandemic and the constant flow of migrants from Central America.
Mar. 25, 2021
Mexico Intensifies Immigration Security Measures
The U.S. government says the traffic of migrants coming from Central America toward the U.S.-Mexico border continues to intensify. And Mexico says it is strengthening its immigration operations across the country to confront the issue.
Mar. 22, 2021
Migrants Try Sophisticated Schemes To Enter Mexico
Like the U.S., Mexico is reporting an influx of migrants coming from the south. And according to the Mexican government, some of the migrants are now trying to use elaborate schemes to enter the country, including forged documents and commercial flights.
Mar. 22, 2021
Mexican Elections Include Electronic Voting Abroad And A Migrant Representative
On June 6, Mexico will hold federal elections for many congressional and governor seats. According to its National Electoral Institute, tens of thousands of Mexicans living overseas have registered to cast their vote; most of them from the U.S. And this year, the election is different for Mexicans abroad.
Mar. 15, 2021
Mexico Prepares Protocol To Celebrate Elections Amid Pandemic
Mexico is preparing for its federal elections in early June which, according to its National Electoral Institute, will be the largest ones in its history. But how are the electoral authorities preparing for them as the pandemic continues?
Mar. 15, 2021
AMLOs Party Accused Of Using Vaccination For Votes
Mexico is among the countries offering free COVID-19 vaccines to its population, following its own protocols. But the process has also been politicized, and the president’s party might be penalized after using vaccinations as a political platform.
Mar. 12, 2021
New U.S. Travel Warning To Mexico For Spring Break
A new travel warning for U.S. citizens is suggesting travelers abstain from going to Mexico during the upcoming spring break vacation.
Mar. 12, 2021
Mexican Court Suspends Controversial Energy Reform
In Mexico, a drastic change to the energy laws benefiting the State over private companies had been signed by the president. But in less than 24 hours, the Mexican Supreme court suspended it.
Mar. 12, 2021
Mexico One Step Away Of Legalizing Marijuana
Many U.S. states have legalized the consumption, growth and trade of marijuana. And in Mexico, a federal law might turn the country into the largest market and producer of cannabis.
Mar. 11, 2021
Arizona Returns 280 Archaeological Artifacts To Mexico
Mexico faces continuous legal battles to repatriate archaeological pieces from other countries. And in Arizona, Mexico just got back hundreds of them with the support of U.S. authorities and local institutions.
Mar. 11, 2021
Barricades Turned Into Memorials For Women’s Day In Mexico
In Mexico, violence against women, femicides and impunity against those crimes have sparked a large movement for women’s rights. And despite the pandemic, feminists organized to protest Monday on International Women’s Day.
Mar. 8, 2021