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Yaqui Community Protests 2 Months After 10 Men Went Missing
About 50 people in a Yaqui town in southern Sonora protested Monday to draw attention to the disappearances of 10 men from the community.
Mexico Wraps Up Border Vaccination Campaign
Mexico says it’s finished vaccinating adults 18 and older in cities along the border with the United States. Leaders hope that will lead to a full reopening of the U.S.-Mexico border.
Sep. 14, 2021
USMCA Asks Mexico To Respond To Concerns Over Vaquita Marina
A commission of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement is calling on Mexico to respond to allegations that it hasn’t adequately protected a critically endangered porpoise in the Sea of Cortez.
Sep. 14, 2021
COVID-19 Cases In Sonora Decreasing After 3rd Wave
Neighboring Sonora, Mexico, may finally be at the tail end of what’s been called its third wave of COVID-19 as cases steadily fall.
Sep. 13, 2021
Sonora Governor Slams Predecessors, Promises Change
Sonora’s new governor was sworn into office Monday. During his first public address in office, he slammed previous leaders as corrupt and ineffective, and promised to bring major changes to the state.
Sep. 13, 2021
Protests In Hermosillo Against Day Care Fire Convictions
This week in neighboring Sonora, firefighters and their supporters are marching to protest what they consider unjust convictions related to a 2009 day care fire that killed dozens of children.
Sep. 8, 2021
Researchers Urge Monitoring, Community Inclusion On Rio Sonora
It’s been seven years since a major mining spill in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into Sonoran waterways. Now, a group of researchers are out with a new report asking for more work to be done to monitor the damage.
Sep. 8, 2021
Mexico’s Supreme Court Ruling Decriminalizes Abortion
Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that it is unconstitutional to punish abortion as a crime. It's a huge move for the predominantly Catholic country that opens the door for abortion legalization across the country.
Sep. 7, 2021
Sonoran Governor-Elect Taps 5 Women For Cabinet Jobs
Sonora’s incoming governor has announced the appointees to important cabinet positions. A historic number of those posts will be held by women.
Sep. 7, 2021
Sonora Could Be Leader In Mexico’s Transition To Electric Vehicles
Neighboring Sonora is home to large deposits of lithium, and the state’s incoming governor says that makes it the perfect location to pilot the use of electric vehicles. Governor-elect Alfonso Durazo says he wants to see Sonora lead the way to a transition from gas-powered to electric cars in Mexico.
Sep. 6, 2021
Schools Reopen In Mexico, But Attendance Is Slim In Sonora
Parents, teachers, health experts and politicians around the world have been grappling for more than a year now over how to educate children during a pandemic. In Mexico, the only option for the vast majority of students was distance learning on TV, radio and the internet, until last week, when classrooms across the country reopened for the first time.
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Sep. 6, 2021
Officials: 83% Of Sonoran Adults Have Had At Least 1 COVID-19 Shot
Vaccinations in Mexico have rolled out much more slowly than in the United States. But officials in neighboring Sonora say they are now making quick progress toward vaccinating all adults.
Sep. 6, 2021
Mexican President Questions Injunctions Seeking Vaccines For Minors
Mexico has not opened up its vaccination campaign to people under 18, so some families are going through the courts to secure vaccines for their children. Now, the president is casting doubts on their motives.
Sep. 6, 2021
August Sets New Record For COVID-19 Cases In Mexico
August is now the month with the highest toll of reported COVID-19 cases in Mexico. But despite the high number of cases, Mexican leaders continue to tout the success of their pandemic response.
Sep. 2, 2021
U.S., Mexico Sign Agreement On Rights Of Workers In United States
The United States and Mexico have signed a new agreement focused on combatting discrimination against Mexican and Mexican-American workers in the United States.
Sep. 2, 2021
Sonora’s Governor Elect Tests Positive For COVID-19
After traveling around the state this week, Sonora’s governor elect has now tested positive for COVID-19, just days before he is set to take office. Gov.-elect Alfonso Durazo announced he tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday night.
Sep. 3, 2021
Mexican Senate Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics
Mexico’s Senate has unanimously passed a new law banning animal testing for cosmetics. That makes Mexico the 41st country to institute a ban on animal testing for beauty products — the first in North America and the third in Latin America.
Sep. 3, 2021
AMLO: U.S. Must Tackle Root Causes Of Migration
Mexican leaders have faced sharp criticism after images showed the country’s immigration officials and national guard crack down on migrants at its southern border. In response, the president says he will pressure the United States to invest in development projects in Central America.
Sep. 2, 2021
Only 7% Of Sonoran Students Returned To In-Person Classes
Schools across Mexico reopened for in-person classes Monday for the first time in more than a year. But attendance was sparse in neighboring Sonora, Mexico.
Sep. 1, 2021
Asylum Applications In Mexico Reach Record High
In recent years, the number of people seeking asylum in Mexico has soared. Now, the country set a new record for asylum applications. In August, Mexico received more than 13,000 asylum applications, according to Andrés Ramírez, the head of Mexico’s refugee commission, known as COMAR.
Sep. 1, 2021
Sonoran Governor Delivers Final Report To Congress
Gov. Claudia Pavlovich acknowledged that insecurity and the ongoing pandemic remain major challenges for the state.
Aug. 27, 2021