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Sonora COVID-19 Cases, Hospital Occupancy Showing Upward Trend
While COVID-19 cases are declining in Arizona and across much of the United States, there are worrying signs in neighboring Sonora. Total weekly cases have now risen for two consecutive weeks.
Mexico Hopes Vaccinations Lead To Loosening Of Border Restrictions
The vaccination effort will be aided by the recent U.S. shipment of 1.35 million doses of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
3 hours ago
2021 Sonora Job Growth Better Than Most Mexican States
So far this year, job growth in Sonora has been better than in most other Mexican states. The state remains well below the figure in February 2020, the first full month before pandemic restrictions went into place.
Jun. 14, 2021
Sonoran Election Body Certifies State Election Results
The state electoral institute also certified the win of an opposition candidate in the Hermosillo mayoral election, which has not been recognized by the incumbent.
Jun. 14, 2021
Group To Plant More Than 1,000 Trees In Hermosillo
A group of concerned citizens are taking to the streets in the Sonoran capital Hermosillo on Sunday to plant 1,000 trees. It’s part of a growing green movement in the city.
Jun. 11, 2021
Mexico Ending Daily Pandemic Briefings Saying Situation Is Now Stable
Friday marks the last day of nightly pandemic press conferences in Mexico. Officials say the situation no longer calls for constant updates. After 15 months, the evening briefings have become a staple of the pandemic response in Mexico. But Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell said it’s time to cut back on the daily reports.
Jun. 11, 2021
U.S. Trade Rep Again Raises Concerns About Mexican Labor Rights
For the second time in a month, the U.S. Trade Representative is raising concerns about union rights in Mexico. Specifically, the U.S. is asking Mexico to review whether the rights of Mexican workers to free association and collective bargaining are being infringed at the Tridonex auto parts factory in the Tamaulipas border city of Matamoros.
Jun. 11, 2021
El Chapo’s Wife Pleads Guilty To U.S. Drug Charges
The wife of Mexico’s most notorious drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court Thursday to helping him run the Sinaloa cartel.
Jun. 10, 2021
In Hermosillo, Incumbent Mayor Refuses To Concede Loss
It’s been days since preliminary results showed that the mayor in the Sonora capital Hermosillo had likely lost her bid for re-election. But she is refusing to accept those results until a full recount is complete.
Jun. 10, 2021
Mexico Says Border Reopening Will Be Gradual
Mexico’s foreign minister announced Wednesday that travel restrictions at the U.S.-Mexico border could begin gradually easing in the coming weeks. The step forward comes after Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Mexico this week.
Jun. 9, 2021
Mexico Travel Advisories Downgraded From Highest Level
The United States has downgraded its travel advisories for Mexico, which rose to the highest level during the pandemic. It’s among dozens of countries that have seen warnings lowered.
Jun. 9, 2021
Mexican President’s Morena Party Fares Well In Sonora
Morena, the political party of Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, fared well in Sonora during national elections over the weekend. One possible exception is the mayor's race in Hermosillo, where Morena's incumbent candidate was down more than 6,000 votes but had not conceded.
Jun. 8, 2021
By Wide Margin, Alfonso Durazo Wins Sonoran Governorship
Mexico’s former security secretary has won the governorship in neighboring Sonora. Among the central priorities of his administration will be addressing soaring violence in the state.
Jun. 8, 2021
For Ancestral Sonoran Spirit Bacanora, Conservation Is The Future
There is increasing demand in the United States for Mexican agave distillates — or mezcales — like the Sonoran spirit bacanora. But as production increases, so do concerns about the scarcity of agave plants, and what that means for migratory animals that feed on them.
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Jun. 7, 2021
In Mexico, AMLOs Party Gets Significant Hit At Midterm Elections
On Sunday, Mexico held midterm elections, which had the largest in the country’s history. More than half of the electorate cast votes for local and congressional seats. And the results dealt a serious blow to the president's party.
Jun. 7, 2021
VP Harris Visits Mexico Amid Tensions Between Both Nations
Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Mexico City after a trip to Guatemala. Her agenda is expected to focus on immigration, but there are many issues at stake between both nations.
Jun. 7, 2021
New Compact Ford Pickup Truck To Be Built In Hermosillo
Ford is once again expanding its operations in neighboring Sonora, where it will begin manufacturing a small pickup truck at its Hermosillo factory.
Jun. 4, 2021
More Than 1,000 Sea Turtles Died In Mexico In 2020
More than a thousand endangered sea turtles died in Mexico last year. Environmental groups say the country isn’t doing enough to protect them from entanglement in fishing gear.
Jun. 4, 2021
Vaccinations To Start For Those 18-40 In Mexican Border Cities
More than a million Johnson & Johnson vaccines being sent from the U.S. to Mexico will be administered to 18- to 40-year-olds in cities along the border. It’s an effort to end border travel restrictions that have been in place since March of 2020.
Jun. 4, 2021
Mexico City Will Elect Its First Migrant Congressperson
Mexico will hold midterm elections next Sunday. It's expected to be the largest ones in its history. And in Mexico City, there will be a vote for a migrant member of Congress for the first time — although there are many loose ends.
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Jun. 3, 2021
Dozens Of Candidates Sign LGTBQ Coalitions Inclusive Political Agenda
Members of an LGBTQ coalition in Sonora have secured signatures on an inclusive political agenda from dozens candidates running for political office this election cycle.
Jun. 2, 2021