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Arizona COVID-19 News

She drastically altered her life because of COVID-19. This zine project helps her feel less alone
While the world has largely moved on from the COVID-19 pandemic, for Michelle Dawn, that’s not possible. It’s an isolating experience that led her to find a community of her own online — The Covid Logs.
Volunteers with disabilities needed to talk about COVID-19 experiences
Individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities are among some of the most vulnerable to the long-term effects of COVID-19. Now one organization is looking for volunteers to participate in a survey about their experiences during the pandemic.
Aug. 24, 2022
Pandemic-related learning loss is still a problem in Arizona schools
As Arizona students head back to school, one of the questions education leaders are asking is how to help those students overcome pandemic-related learning loss.
Aug. 22, 2022
Clare Pollard says writers should embrace stories about the pandemic
Some creatives feel the need to wait a while before writing about the recent pandemic. But poet and novelist Clare Pollard urges them to reconsider.
Aug. 18, 2022
56% of infected dont know they have COVID-19
Experts have credited omicron’s swift spread to both biological and social factors, from its greater transmissibility to a relaxation of social precautions. But new research shows another insidious factor at work: Most infected people don’t know they have it.
Aug. 17, 2022
COVID-19 counts show some improvement in Arizona, but deaths rise
The Arizona Department of Health Services added 12,244 cases in its weekly update Wednesday — the lowest count in 12 weeks.
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Aug. 17, 2022
How COVID-19, monkeypox have revealed racial inequities in health care
Concerns about racial disparities in health care are again coming to the forefront as worries over monkeypox's transmission increase.
Aug. 17, 2022
Duceys summer camps get mixed reviews
Earlier this year, Gov. Doug Ducey set aside around $100 million of federal COVID-19 relief money to try and help students overcome pandemic-related learning loss. Hundreds of thousands of students participated, but not all Arizonans supported the plan.
Aug. 16, 2022
Superintendent optimistic for new school year with updated COVID-19 precautions
Students are returning to their classrooms for a new school year, but COVID-19 concerns still linger. Despite this, the superintendent of the Madison School District in Phoenix is optimistic about the semester.
Aug. 16, 2022
Further evidence shows mRNA vaccines safe during pregnancy
Females who are pregnant face a greater risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes, yet their vaccination rates still lag behind. Now, a study of more than 90,000 females provides further evidence that mRNA vaccines are safe during pregnancy.
Aug. 16, 2022
More Arizona counties have low COVID transmission
Pima and Cochise counties are now considered to have low community transmission of COVID-19 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Arizona's counties are now split evenly between high, medium, and low transmission rates.
Aug. 13, 2022
People with COVID-19 seek more medical help, even 6 months after infection
Up to six months after infection, more than 70% of COVID-19 patients still have at least one symptom, but health care systems concentrate resources on treating the initial disease, not its aftereffects.
Aug. 13, 2022
How summers — and COVID-19 — rob Arizonans of vital sleep
It’s said “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” But many Arizonans find long, hot summer days, demanding work schedules and even pandemic side-effects can foul up their 40 winks — a deficit that can lead to health nightmares.
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Aug. 12, 2022
Arizonas weekly COVID-19 trends show slight improvements
COVID-19 is still widespread in Arizona, but the state's outbreak is showing signs of slowing down. The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 13,501 cases in its weekly update Wednesday — the lowest case count in nine weeks.
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Aug. 10, 2022
Concerts are back. Can you go and still stay safe from COVID-19?
Concerts are back, and for the most part, without COVID-19 precautions.
Aug. 10, 2022
Older adults very likely to get updated COVID-19 booster, poll shows
A new poll of people over the age of 50 shows that many of them plan to get an updated COVID-19 booster shot when it becomes available.
Aug. 10, 2022
Loss of smell due to COVID-19 could be a predictor for dementia
Persistent loss of smell due to COVID-19 could be connected to long-term cognitive impairment.
Aug. 9, 2022
Climate hazards worsen 58% of infectious diseases
A new, comprehensive review of research shows climate hazards have intensified almost three-fifths of human infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Climate change is already worsening the effect.
Aug. 8, 2022
How sports, leisure, convention industries are dealing with inflation, labor costs
The International Association of Venue Managers recently held its annual conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. Many conversations focused on how the events and meetings industry is dealing with high inflation and low staffing.
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Aug. 5, 2022
COVID-19 transmission is still high in Arizona
COVID-19 remains widespread in Arizona. The state health department this week is reporting 74 deaths from the virus and more than 15,000 new infections.
Aug. 3, 2022
More supported harassing health officials as pandemic wore on, research shows
Attacks on public health officials reached new highs during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped drive a mass exodus across state and local health departments. Research shows that, as the pandemic wore on, even former allies began to support harassment and threats.
July 30, 2022