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New Football League Fills The Void Of NFL's Off-Season

Published: Friday, February 8, 2019 - 12:49pm

If you are still ready for some football, the 8-team Alliance of American Football, has been created to fill the off-season void.

The league’s Arizona club, named the Hotshots — in honor of the elite group of firefighters — kicks off their 12-week schedule Sunday night at Sun Devil Stadium against the Salt Lake Stallions.

“I think you’re gonna be wildly entertained by real football,” said veteran college coach and TV commentator, Rick Neuheisel, who is the Hotshots’ head coach.

Even with a roster of mostly unknowns, he’s confident they can develop a following.

“If you have an open mind and you like football, you’re gonna enjoy this," he said. "And I think because it’s new, you can [get] closer to the action, you can afford the action and I think we’re gonna have some real die hard fans.”

League officials say the games will be quicker and include some new twists, such as no kickoffs.