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Resources Available To Help Arizona Federal Workers Pay Utilities

By Mariana Dale
Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 5:56pm
Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 6:01pm

Mesa is the latest Arizona city to offer federal workers the option to defer their utility payments until after the partial government shutdown ends.

Federal workers in Mesa who can show their last paystub or a letter from the federal government will be able to delay payment until they receive backpay.

Mesa spokesperson Steve Wright says eligible bills include those for water, trash, sewer, garbage, gas and electric.

“It’s just a way for them to have one less stress to deal with and to try to make ends meet until the time they’re able to get their backpay,” Wright said.

Mesa workers can apply online  or call 480-644-2241.

Here’s what other cities and companies are offering federal workers.


Federal workers can seek help through existing utility payment assistance programs by calling (480) 350-8361.


The City of Chandler Utility Services staff will work with residents affected by the Federal government shutdown, as we do with any of our customers experiencing hardships,” said a city spokesperson in an email.

Affected workers who might have problems with their bills can call 480-782-2280. Late fees will be waived and service kept on.


The city isn’t offering a specific program, but does offer individualized payment plans through their billing office.


The city of Phoenix announced last week it is expanding an existing aid program to include federal workers impacted by the shutdown. Up to $400 per year is available to help customers with their water bills. You can request assistance here.


The utility announced earlier this month it had created a $500,000 fund to help federal workers pay their electric bill.

“We are working closely with our three community partners — Chicanos Por La Causa, St. Vincent de Paul and Wildfire — to distribute assistance to those who need it and spread the word about the program,” said an APS spokesperson in an email.

“Since news about the bill assistance was announced earlier this month, agency partners have seen an increasing number of calls. About one in every four calls received at the agencies are from government employees seeking assistance.”


“We understand that there are families that are struggling to pay their bills and we want to provide assistance,” said a spokesperson in an email. “SRP has a number of resources available to our customers who are concerned about their ability to pay their utility bill.”

Among those resources are credit counselors and funding donated by other customers and SRP to help with bills.