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Flake Says FBI Has No Evidence Of Sonic Attack On U.S. Diplomats In Cuba

Published: Monday, January 8, 2018 - 11:35am
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U.S. Congress
Jeff Flake

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was in Cuba this past weekend.

Flake met with members of the country’s foreign ministry to discuss many items, including rumors of sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats stretching back to 2016.

A member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Flake has long been in favor of strengthening the U.S. relationship with Cuba, the purpose of his visit. But, overshadowing his trip were allegations that U.S. diplomats suffered coordinated sonic attacks by the Cuban government beginning in the fall of 2016 that caused more than 20 diplomats and their spouses to experience permanent hearing loss, trouble with balance and other mild brain injuries.

“The Cuban interior ministry is saying that the FBI has told them that they have no evidence of a sonic attack," said Flake, "even though that term is being used — attack — there’s no evidence of it.”

Flake added he will not discuss what he has seen in a classified setting, but with the FBI already visiting the country five times to rule out such an attack, the cause of the mysterious illnesses is still unknown.