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Arizona Emergency Officials Assist In Hurricane Harvey Efforts

Published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 8:30am

As rainfall continues to inundate the city of Houston, Arizona emergency officials are monitoring the situation closely.

While it is nearly impossible to see precipitation in those sustained amounts here, state emergency management director Wendy Reeve-Smith said flash flood events do occur and they are taking notes to see how the excess water is handled.

“When we had the freeway system under water, that was enormous amount of rain that we got in a very short amount of time," Reeve-Smith said. "So, we are watching these events in Houston very closely. The lesson we can all learn is that personal preparedness is the key.”

The Arizona National Guard has deployed four of its helicopters and FEMA has activated the Phoenix Search and Rescue team to assist in the efforts.

Reeve-Smith said they are standing by to help in additional state-to-state efforts after the storm has passed.

Arizona officials are also preparing for the possibility of being called upon to provide temporary housing for those displaced by the storm in Texas.