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Architectural Digest: Phoenix Now A Major Design Hub

Published: Monday, May 15, 2017 - 5:55pm
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Phoenix is known for many things: the heat, the sunsets, the hiking, the golf. But, architecture is probably not one of them. Instead, our city is usually associated with never-ending sprawl and strip malls.

But a recent article in Architectural Digest magazine calls Phoenix an “under-the-radar city” that’s now a major design hub.

What’s changed? Quite a bit. They highlight many new projects around town, including the new FOUND:RE hotel in downtown Phoenix, Palabra Coffee, Ocotillo restaurant, and The Womack cocktail bar.

KJZZ's Lauren Gilger spoke with David Foxley more about this. He’s the Digital Editor for Architectural Digest, and he explains what he thinks most of their readers think of when they think about Phoenix architecture.

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