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Grand Canyon Trust Files Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 4:59pm

Grand Canyon Trust filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration Tuesday. The conservation group hasn’t received a response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed in August.

Amber Reimondo with the trust says the group requested information on the environmental and economic impacts of a federal coal program.

“The public deserves to understand what information these agencies had regarding the climate impacts and economic deficiencies of the federal coal program that led them to issue the temporary halt on coal leases and call for a review of specific aspects of the coal program," she said.

She says the Trump administration has now rescinded that review, allowing decades-old coal leases to proceed without it.

The deadline for responding to Freedom of Information Act requests is 20 days, but the August 2016 request for documents hasn’t been answered despite follow up letters, emails and phone calls.