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Bill To Have Insurance Contracts In English Passes In House

Published: Monday, February 13, 2017 - 5:52pm

A bill being proposed for consumer protection in the Arizona Legislature could also have implications for those who don’t understand English.

If some lawmakers in the Arizona House have their way, insurance consumers would be required to read their entire policy declarations to ensure they are getting the proper coverage. Plus, that language would be in English, with any provided translation not legally binding. 

Rep. David Livingston, a Republican from Peoria, is sponsoring the legislation.

"That will enable the insurance company to put out multiple summaries in multiple different languages without the fear if there was a mistake on a summary in a different language, because some words cannot be transposed into a different language that easy," Livingston said.

On the house floor, Rep. Isela Blanc, a Democrat from Tempe, asked Livingston where the proposed legislation had originated.

Livingston answered, "Mr. Chairman. Citizens of the state of Arizona asked me to run this bill."

"Do these so-called citizens, are they connected to insurance agencies, companies, groups, special interests related to insurance?" Blanc asked.

Livingston responded yes.

The measure passed the house on a party-line vote last week and now moves on to the Senate.