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Arizona Bill To Raise Smoking Age To 21 Closer To Becoming Law

By Stina Sieg
Published: Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 5:05am
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California and Hawaii have raised the age for legal tobacco use from 18 to 21 — and Arizona could be the next state to take the step. A bill to do just that passed the Arizona House Health Committee this week.

If you don’t start smoking by the time you’re 21, you probably never will. That’s according to the American Heart Association, which is championing the new bill upping the legal age of tobacco use across the state.

This bill makes sense, organization spokeswoman Nicole Olmstead said.

“We don’t let people under 21 drink. We don’t let people under 21 gamble,” she said. “And there are some things that age and experience and knowledge give you a better sense of healthy things to do, the sensible things to do.”

The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Boyer from Phoenix, would also raise the age for users of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Last year, the small city of Cottonwood became the first municipality in Arizona to do the same.