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Arizona Bill To Allow Electronic Billboards In 60-Mile Area From Laughlin

Published: Monday, January 23, 2017 - 5:03pm

A state lawmaker from Lake Havasu City wants to open his section of the state to electronic billboards.

The proposal by Republican Sen. Sonny Borrelli would create a 60-mile semicircle around the Tropicana Hotel in Laughlin, Nev., where these signs could be erected by billboard companies. That area stretches from near the Hoover Dam on the north, out Interstate 40 past Kingman on the east, and south past Lake Havasu City.

Borelli says the measure pays special attention to astronomers concerns about light pollution at Flagstaff’s main observatory.

“Lowell, it's 7,500 feet, it's what they said. There's a couple of mountain ranges that are in between there and Kingman, which the highest peak in Mohave County, which would be a little over 3,000 feet. So the elevation's still lower than the observatory, which is higher,” Borelli said. 

What Borrelli is offering on behalf of Lamar Advertising would amend a 2012 law that limits the billboards with changing messages to a swath of central and southwest Arizona.

Those limits were crafted following negotiations between the sign industry and the "dark sky'' community, including astronomers who said they did not want a new source of light pollution.