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Fees Proposed For Electric Car Owners In Arizona

Published: Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 3:21pm
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If you own an electric car in Arizona, get ready to pay more.

Members of the state’s transportation task force are proposing a fee in lieu of the gasoline taxes electric car owners don’t have to pay.

As the state grapples with how to fund tens of billions of dollars in future road construction and improvements, alternative-fuel vehicles are squarely in its sights.

Senate Transportation Committee chairman Bob Worsley of Mesa says that includes taking away registration discounts and adding a surcharge for electric-car owners.

“Probably eliminating any benefit we give electric cars on their registration and title should be removed because now it's an economic decision. We don't need to induce people to do it. And in addition I think there should be somewhere between $120 and $150 surcharge," he says.

As an e-vehicle owner himself, Worsley estimates that he pays the equivalent of about 60 cents a gallon using electricity instead and that he wouldn’t feel bad about paying
his fair share to compensate for the discount.

In addition, lawmakers will also discuss something that will affect all other motorists — raising the state gas tax. It has stayed at 18 cents a gallon since 1991.

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