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Grand Prix Of Scottsdale Races Into Old Town This Weekend

Published: Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 11:55am
Updated: Friday, November 4, 2016 - 7:51am
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(Photo by Phil Latzman - KJZZ)
Deborah Fiorentino drives the Hillary Clinton car and Andrew Bracanovich drives the Donald Trump car.
(Photo by Phil Latzman - KJZZ)
Deborah Fiorentino and Andrew Bracanovich.

Where is the real race for the White House? Well, it’s in here in the Valley of course.

Not only are presidential candidates and their surrogates cross-crossing the state this week, there’s also an actual race. Though this one is not for votes, it’s only for fun.

In this race, you can forget about the predictions and the pundits. And the only poll that really matters is pole position.

This weekend, one car will try to “Make Phoenix Great Again,” while another will attempt to be “Faster Together.”

It’s all part of the festivities for this weekend’s second annual Grand Prix of Scottsdale, where dozens of open wheeled mini-racers will take the the streets as Old Town is transformed into a 1920s' "Great Gatsby"-esque road course.

In one of stylish go-carts will be Deborah Fiorentino, who’s dressed up in pantsuit representing the Hillary Clinton car.

“I find myself in an early opportunity to beat Trump!,” she said in character. “As we all now, Trump is going to spin out at the last round.”

In blue suit with a blond wig is Andrew Bracanovich, who races as the GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

“Today, I’m going to beat Hillary," said Bracanovich as Trump. "In fact, I’m going to built a wall and she’s going to crash into it, bigly.”

And if he loses, was it be rigged?

“It would definitely be rigged,” Bracanovich intones in his best Trump, adding “we’ll see at the time”

Then, the two take off for a time trial through a downtown Phoenix alleyway. At the finish line, it’s too close to call.

“It’s a tie,” an observer yells out. So, does it  go to the electoral college? “No,” Bracanovich joked, “The Supreme Court decides!”

You can decide for yourself and watch the Trump and Clinton cars compete for fun, along with about 40 other mini-racers this Sunday at the Grand Prix of Scottsdale in Old Town.

There are lots of other activities associated around the event and some of the proceeds will go to a good cause. Jake Adams is with Southwest Human Development, a charity that specializes in assisting
young families, serving over 130,000 people each year.

“It’s a whole weekend of parties,” Adams said.

It starts with the "Gatsby" dress-up gala on Friday night, then a Gatsby-themed lawn party event along the waterfront in Scottsdale, and on Sunday it’s the actual race itself.

“All of the ticketed party events actually all benefit our organization,” said Adams.

Calling it a race is stretch, it’s more like a tour. But in the final stretch of a presidential campaign, its some bipartisan fun in the streets of Scottsdale. 

And as F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in the "Great Gatsby," it takes two to make an accident.

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