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Data Transmission Error To Blame For Arizona Elections Results Website Glitching

Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 11:47am

Arizona’s Secretary of State’s office is blaming a data transmission error on problems with displaying election results on its website during Tuesday's Primary Election.

Officials say the glitch has been fixed, but questions remain about the system. Instead of results, viewers of were instead given error messages for nearly an hour and a half.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Michele Reagan says the problem was caused by a locked file, which caused a virtual traffic jam that came to a near standstill when thousand of people logged on for early results.

Officials say the problems were not related to hacking, even after the elections website was taken down in June so the FBI could investigate the source of a “credible and serious” threat to the site’s voter database.

The Secretary of State’s office built a new in-house system this year designed to save the state $200,000 and had anticipated some glitches.   

Spokesman Matt Roberts told KJZZ the office is “confident the problem has been isolated” and won’t be an issue during the general election in November.