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Commission For Election Accountability Formed To Smooth Out Arizona's Election Process

Published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - 7:35am
Public Domain via Commons

A coalition of non-profits has formed the Arizona Commission for Election Accountability. It will offer recommendations to county recorders and the Secretary of State’s Office about how to make the state’s elections run more smoothly.

Samantha Pstross is the Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network, which is leading the effort. She says meetings the commission’s already had with elected officials have been productive, but that things need to improve before the state’s August primary.

"I think that Arizona is definitely in focus right now, people are looking to see if we’re gonna continue to have voter suppression problems or if things will change," Pstross said.

Pstross says the group’s recommendations include opening several early voting locations around Maricopa County and training people as poll workers, who could then collect voters’ early ballots.