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Hillary Clinton Far Ahead In Latest Poll Of Arizona Democrats

Published: Monday, February 29, 2016 - 1:24pm
(Photo by Gage Skidmore - CC BY 2.0)
Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in January 2016.

After a poll last week showed Donald Trump with a double digit lead in next month’s Republican presidential preference primary, a new survey shows the state’s Democrats even more solidly behind Hillary Clinton.

The Phoenix-based political consulting firm MBQF canvassed 739 of what it calls “high-efficacy” Democratic voters around the state. They found Clinton with a commanding lead, garnering 56 percent support. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders earned only about 21 percent in the poll.

“Arizonans are just not feeling 'the Bern,'" said pollster Mike Noble.

But Noble said the poll "does not take into account a large surge in young Democrat voters that Sanders could potentially produce," Noble said. "Although, historically the young vote proves difficult for most candidates to count on turning out in needle-moving numbers.”

About 22 percent of the Democrats surveyed said they were unsure or undecided.

So, as early voting begins in Arizona for the March 22 primary, the race may be over before it even starts.

Pollsters say the wide margin also means the Grand Canyon State may simply be a flyover, instead of a campaign stop for Democrats next month.

“Early voting just got underway in Arizona but it seems the race is already over,” said Barrett Marson of the public relations firm Marson Media.

“Hillary Clinton’s solid lead over Bernie Sanders in Arizona means we will be a flyover state for both campaigns.”v