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Arizona House Changes Course On Federal Land Bill

Published: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 3:06pm

Two of three bills the Arizona House of Representatives voted down last week met the same fate Tuesday. 

Last week, the House defeated a bill which would lower income tax rates if Congress were to allow the states to collect sales taxes on things people buy online. It fell four votes shy of passage, and when it came back up for a vote Tuesday, it ended up two votes short.

But that was not the only measure that came up for a revote Tuesday. For the second time, the House voted down a bill that would require a truth in spending notice to be posted when a legislative committee approved a budget bill that exceeded a truth in spending estimate.

A third bill that was defeated last week got a reprieve Tuesday. House Bill 2541 would allow state, county, city and town personnel to enter restricted federal land without permission during emergencies. The House defeated the bill last week but approved it Tuesday, sending it to the Senate.