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Crossing guards wanted: Arizona school districts struggle to hire part-time employees

By Bridget Dowd
Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - 12:41pm

A group of schoolchildren cross a crosswalk. A crossing guard is holding a stop sign as the students cross the street.
Getty Images

Arizona school districts are struggling to fill part-time positions, like crossing guards.

More and more of those job postings have been popping up on district websites. The Cartwright School District held a job fair Tuesday, Nov. 21, geared specifically toward part-time positions.

"It’s a little more challenging to fill those positions because they only work a half hour or 45 minutes in the morning or 45 minutes to an hour in the afternoon," said human resources director Guillermo Heredia.

Heredia said it’s become more challenging to keep crossing guards because needs are higher in the classroom.

“Let’s say we have people who were working as crossing guards, but we also have a lot of vacancies as instructional assistants in the classroom. So some of those people are moving into either full-time positions or part-time positions that offer more hours," Heredia said.

He said the district is also struggling to find bus drivers, maintenance workers and special education staff.

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