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NAU looks for ways to help Prescott firefighters find affordable housing

Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 - 10:54am

Northern Arizona University is looking for ways to help secure affordable housing for firefighters in the Prescott area.

Nancy Baca is part of the school’s research project, studying issues that affect recruitment and retention. She said on a firefighter’s salary, homes are hundreds of thousands of dollars out of reach and they can’t qualify for loans.

"They simply can’t keep firefighters because there’s not attainable housing for firefighters who desire single family homes," Baca said. "Trying to save up for a down payment while paying the high rents in those areas is just simply impossible."

Baca said they’re looking at what similar mountain towns have done to help find solutions to the housing issue. 

The school is also doing case studies, bringing in builders to help and considering buying tax lien properties.

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