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Cooling off at a bar with a low temperature and great view

By Nick Sanchez
Published: Friday, July 28, 2023 - 11:37am

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Window to the ice rink from Ice House Tavern
Nick Sanchez/KJZZ
Window to the ice rink from Ice House Tavern in Phoenix.

Halloween merchandise is popping up in stores all over town, but here in Phoenix we’re still weeks if not months away from anything resembling fall. It’s not even August!

There’s still plenty of time to beat the heat — and this week The Show’s producers have taken you to some pretty cool places, including an ice sculptor’s workspace, a giant flower-filled fridge and a cryogenics lab.

For our final cold place, The Show’s Nick Sanchez bellied up to a bar with one of the coolest views in town. The Ice House Tavern in Phoenix includes views in to the AZ Ice Arcadia rink.

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