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Citizen groups push for a new mobility law in Sonora to address difficulties, dangers of the roads

By Kendal Blust
Published: Monday, July 17, 2023 - 8:52am

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Mobility law
Hermosillo, ¿Cómo Vamos?
The organization Hermosillo, ¿Cómo Vamos? held a press conference with citizens and experts to talk about efforts to pass a new mobility and road safety law.

Sonorans’ quality of life is negatively affected by the state's poor roads, lack of safe bike lanes and unreliable public transportation. That’s the message of a proposal submitted by more than 20 citizen groups to state legislators, asking them to pass a law improving public mobility.

Getting from place to place in Hermosillo can be uncomfortable and dangerous. That’s why a group of local citizens and experts delivered a five point proposal to Sonoran legislators Friday meant to guide them in developing a new statewide mobility and road safety law.

The goal is to create a law that provides safer, more inclusive and more sustainable options for mobility in Sonora — including better public transportation, improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians and less congested city streets, said Ernesto Urbina, executive director of Hermosillo, ¿Cómo Vamos?, the organization heading up the efforts.

The group set out a framework to establish a more equitable model for public mobility that they hope will be signed into law by next year.

Every state in Mexico is required to come up with a such a law after a national mobility and road safety measure passed at the federal level in May 2022. But citizen groups in Sonora have been unsatisfied so far with what they legislators have come up with.

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