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Maricopa County fills funding gap on affordable housing complexes to be built in Glendale

Published: Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 5:13pm
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Maricopa County is filling a multimillion-dollar gap in funding so nearly 800 affordable housing units can be built in Glendale.

A top city official says inflation and rising construction costs had put in peril four planned apartment complexes that are now expected to be ready in a couple of years.

Glendale is spending about $4 million in cash and fee-waivers on building the apartment complexes. And Maricopa County is adding another $7.1-million-plus from its federal pandemic-aid stash.

“The increase in affordable housing is really, really critical for Glendale especially because we do have a high degree of hospitality industries and retail industries in our community,” said Jean Moreno, the city's community services director.

Hospitality and retail jobs are entry level jobs that Moreno said require affordable housing.

She also said that a new development-fee-waiver program is a signal that Glendale will strike partnerships that ensure all residents have a place to live.

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